How to Fold Your Sheets By: ms. Shoemaker

To start separate your pillowcases from the bed sheets.

A big mess of pillow cases and bed sheets

Step 1) Bring the short ends together and smooth the wrinkles out.

Step 1

Step 2) Again, bring that too short sides together and smooth wrinkles out. Do this until you have reached your desired size.

Step 2

Repeat until you have folded all but one pillow cases, you will be using the last one at the end.

Demo of how I folded my pillow cases

Now we are going to fold the fitted sheet.

The fitted sheet

Start by turning the sheet inside-out. Then find the corners on one of the long ends. After you do that, put your hands on the seams of the outside of the sheet and match them together.

Now pinch the corners together and fold one side over the other.

Repeat the last two steps with the other two corners.

How to match the corners

Now you will only have"two" corners. So you are going to repeat what you did above. Put one hand in each corner, put your fingers tip to tip (still instead corners of the sheet), then you will pinch one side and fold one side over the other.

Matching the last two corners

Now you should only have "one" corner. Place your hand inside it, as shown below, take your other hand and grab the two parts of the sheet that are dangling and not resting on your arm.

Hard part is over

Once you're holding it as demonstrated above, you're going to lay it on a flat surface.

Half way done folding. Should look like this.

For this step, you're going to grab the two corners close you and fold them over the other half of the sheet, away from you. Once you do this smooth the air out of the sheet so it lays flat.

After pushing the air out of the sheet

After the step above is complete, you will flip the sheet over. This is so you don't have seams showing after the sheet is folded.

After you flip the sheet over you will begin the final folding process. Now, just fold the sheet along the short end, until you have reached your desired size. I folded mine three more times after the picture below was taken.

Almost done!

After the fitted sheet is folded place the folded pillow cases on top of the folded bed sheet.

Folded fitted sheet and folded pillow cases on top of the sheet

Video of me folding the fitted sheet

This step is where you will use the pillow case that you didn't fold in the beginning. You will place the stack of your folded bed-sheet and your folded pillow cases inside the unfolded pillowcase. Next, just fold the pillow case around the sheets inside to keep them all together when you put them away.

Now you don't have to search for your matching bedding and pillow cases
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