fourth semester By: Jerónimo Moreno Jiménez

body part

The human body is composed of the head, trunk, upper limbs (arms) and lower limbs (legs). We can divide the body into two branches, external (which we can see at first sight) and interior (organs that can not see with the naked eye, such as lungs, kidneys, etc.). Each part of the body fulfills a certain type of function, so that all depend on each other.

secrets revealed

A confessed gossip, I hate secrets when I do not know them, and worse when it's a secret of the gastronomic world. I have never believed in the urban myth of a small, family-run restaurant with a heavenly meal that no critic has found. Impossible!

something seemed diferent

In Holy Week, I arrived at my house in Bachajón, and on the way I noticed many changes, I saw that there were parts where there were not many trees, I saw other parts where the trees were drying in the heat. When I get to my house in Bachajon, I also saw that my town has changed, because it is growing more and more.

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Jeronimo Moreno


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