Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art By Laurel emerson

Hunt, William Morris. Florida Landscape. 1875. Oil on canvas. Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville.

Medium of the Art

While oil paints may not be the most interesting medium used in art, the way William Morris Hunt used it intrigued me. The picture above does not do the painting justice. The way in which the artist used the paint is able to create a very realistic landscape. He layered the paint on the trees and vines giving them an almost three dimensional look. The oil allowed for a composition that could not have been created with any other kind of paint.

Mirror Mirror... Portraits of Frida Kahlo Exhibit

Design of the Museum

One exhibit that stood out to me was the Frida Kahlo exhibit. Upon first coming upon it, the exhibit elicits a curiosity from museum goers. The green wall with her portrait call you in, only to find so many more portraits of Frida Kahlo. These portraits were taken by various people, showing Frida Kahlo in a light many have never seen. The design of the gallery is appealing in that it feels as if you are surrounded by Frida Kahlo herself due to the numerous portraits.

Cajigas, Zoilo. Nuestra SeƱora de Monserrate. c 1940s. Wood, polychromy. Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville.

Art and Core Values

A core value of mine is personal beliefs. Having personal beliefs is important to who you are as a human. Part of my personal beliefs is my faith. Christianity has played a large role in my life, and so this piece of artwork registered with me. It represents Mary, the mother of Jesus. While the piece of art has surely faded over time and the wood has become dry, when it was first created it was probably very beautiful. My core values though still enable me to see the beauty in it.

Lizama, Silvia. I-95 Construction. 1990. Hand-painted gelatin silver print. Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville.

Art and the Good Life

One of the main themes in the class is the human relationship with nature. When I first viewed this piece of artwork I thought the composition was that of a desert land, ruins from the ancient times. I thought it was beautiful. Upon reading the name as well as the description I realized that the picture was that of an interstate. I chose to see the beauty in the nature of the photo rather than the destruction.


All photos taken by me.

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