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Top photo: Office window lights are illuminated inside the N.D. state capitol building in honor of the new year on Dec. 31, 2020. The tradition of decorating the N.D. Capitol building with lights goes back to 1934 while lighting that celebrates new years began in the mid-1970s. Retired Lt. Col. Shirley J. Olgeirson has photographed these annual new year's lights since 1995.

N.D. National Guard 2020 Annual Report

This historical report reflects the activities and achievements of the N.D. National Guard, and the N.D. Department of Emergency Services (NDDES) during Fiscal Year 2020 (Oct. 1, 2019 to Sept. 30, 2020. NDDES consists of the N.D. Department of Homeland Security and State Radio. Click to read N.D. National Guard 2020 annual report.

Other entities that fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Adjutant General are the N.D. Veterans Cemetery (South of Mandan, N.D.) and the N.D. Civil Air Patrol. For more information on these agencies please visit www.ndguard.nd.gov.

N.D. National Guard Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

On Dec. 30, 2020, the N.D. National Guard received its first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine. The package, delivered to Raymond J. Bohn armory in Bismarck, consisted of 300 doses manufactured by Moderna. On Jan. 4, 2021, the N.D. National Guard will conduct an informational town hall at the Raymond J. Bohn armory to explain how the doses will be distributed and to answer questions from Guard members. The townhall will also be available virtually. (Story by Col. Brian J. Keller, deputy state surgeon, N.D. Army National Guard)

Staff Sgt. Jon Conklin, left, N.D. Army National Guard State Medical Detachment supply non-commissioned officer in charge, and Col. Brian J. Keller, deputy state surgeon, N.D. Army National Guard) hold a shipment of 300 COVID-19 vaccine doses delivered on Dec. 30, 2020.

ARNORTHCOM Medical Mission Update

Brig. Gen. Jackie Huber, commander Joint Task Force - North Dakota, worked with her staff to out-process approximately 32 of 60 active-duty U.S. Air Force nurses and health care workers on Dec. 23, 2020. These service members were assigned to the state by U.S. Army North (ARNORTH) to assist civilian health entities in containing the COVID-19 pandemic. (National Guard story and photos by Sgt. 1st Class Charles Highland, N.D. National Guard Public Affairs)

This patch was created by the 335th Air Expeditionary Group, U.S. Air Force, for service members supporting the COVID-19 response mission in North Dakota.

The out-processing was held at the Lewis and Clark United States Army Reserve Center in Bismarck, N.D. Before they left for their home stations, Huber thanked the service members for their efforts in helping our state contain the ongoing pandemic. This was the first mission in which N.D. National Guard and active-duty troops collaborated on the integration of active-duty U.S. Air Force nurses and health care workers into civilian facilities across the state. The remaining 28 service members are scheduled to complete their mission on Jan. 6, 2021.

Brig. Gen. Jackie Huber, deputy adjutant general, N.D. National Guard, discusses operations with her COVID command team in Bismarck on Dec. 23, 2020. Huber was appointed by ARNORTH on Dec. 12, 2020 to lead Joint Task Force - North Dakota in support of state and local health officials.

From left, Col. Shawn Hubbell, Col. Stanley Carignan, and Brig. Gen. Jackie Huber, discuss operations during out processing of active duty service members in Bismarck on Dec. 23, 2020.

Brig. Gen. Jackie Huber, thanks active duty service members who came to North Dakota to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic during their out processing in Bismarck, N.D., on Dec. 23, 2020.

Medical Life-Saving Training

Master Sgt. Nathan Carlson, of the 119th Medical Group, is the only National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) certified instructor in the N.D. Air National Guard qualified to conduct Tier-Three Tactical Combat Casualty Care – Medical Personnel (TCCC-MP) training. TCCC is a 30-hour course for military medical personnel with regard to emergency trauma care of U.S. service members injured on the battlefield. (U.S. Air National Guard story and photos by Chief Master Sgt. David H. Lipp, 119 Wing Public Affairs Office)

TCCC training was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency (DHA) Joint Trauma System to teach “evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield,” according to the NAEMT. The TCCC courses are the same for all branches of the U.S. military.

Master Sgt. Nathan Carlson, 119th Medical Group, left, teaches a tactical combat casualty care – medical personnel (TCCC-MP) course to other members of his unit at the N.D. Air National Guard Base, Fargo, N.D., on Dec. 29, 2020.

TCCC training is a four tier program designed to replace the current self-aide and buddy care training for the U.S. Air Force, with each level becoming more complex. The tiers are also geared for different levels of care-giving competency.

Top left: Master Sgt. Nathan Carlson, 119th Medical Group, teaches a tactical combat casualty care – medical personnel (TCCC-MP) course at the N.D. Air National Guard Base, Fargo, N.D., Dec. 29, 2020. at the North Dakota Air National Guard Base, Fargo, N.D., Dec. 29, 2020. Top right: Carlson demonstrates how to locate correct needle placement for decompression of a collapsed lung for Airman 1st Class Laura Biewer during TCCC-MP training on Dec 29, 2020. Carlson, on his back, continues to instruct Biewer on correct needle placement during TCCC-MP training.

Tier one is training for all Airmen, tier two is for combat life-saver, tier three is for medics and nurses, and tier four is for paramedics and providers. The surgeon general of the U.S. Air Force, Lt. Gen. Dorothy A. Hogg, set a deadline for all U.S. Air Force medical personnel to be trained to their appropriate TCCC tier by mid-February 2021.

Senior Airman Kayla Dalquist begins insertion of an intravenous (IV) fluid line into a training mannequin limb as Airman 1st Class Austin Hansen, right, and Tech. Sgt. Amanda Lambert observe during TCCC-MP training on Dec 29, 2020.

History Corner

Pfizer pharmaceutical is one of the corporations that has received FDA approval for their COVID-19 vaccination. If we flash back 77 years ago, we might remember the development of deep-tank fermentation by Pfizer that enabled the first mass production of penicillin that saved many lives during World War II. In March 1944, Pfizer opened a production plant containing fourteen 7,500-gallon tanks and soon the company was producing more penicillin in one month than it had in all of 1943. Most of the penicillin that went ashore with Allied forces on D-Day came from Pfizer’s Brooklyn facility.

Lt. Col. (ret) William Buckingham, former N.D. Army National Guard State Surgeon, who served as an Army field medic/lab technologist in the South Pacific during World War II, realized the importance of penicillin.

He said "...that the gangrene cases during Bougainville campaign (early 1944) were atrocious and the only treatment at the time was to amputate at the head of the infection. Penicillin was a game changer."

Home on the Range - 188th Army Band

The 188th Army Band's Full Battle Rattle Brass Quintet perform an old favorite "Home on the Range". This song was composed by Daniel Kelley in 1872 and arranged by James Barnes. (National Guard video by Sgt. Michaela Granger, 116th Public Affairs Detachment)

Holiday Wreath Honors Fallen

A single wreath adorns the North Dakota Memorial to the Fallen in the Global War on Terrorism outside of Fraine Barracks, Bismarck, N.D., on Dec. 27, 2020. This wreath is a part of the Wreaths Across America initiative facilitated locally by the Bismarck Composite Squadron of the N.D. Civil Air Patrol at the N.D. Veterans Cemetery. The memorial honors service members with strong ties to North Dakota. It was dedicated on Sept. 11, 2009 originally recognizing 21 service members who had lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each service member has their name etched on the memorial. Today, 28 Service members have their names commemorated by this memorial. (National Guard photos and story by Bill Prokopyk, N.D. National Guard Public Affairs Office.

The North Dakota Memorial to the Fallen in the Global War on Terrorism.

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