Herb Ritts By: Gretchen borgerding

What is the photographer’s real name and year he or she was born? Is he/she still alive? Herb Ritts. He was born August 13, 1952 and no Herb died on December 26, 2002.

What is their style of photography? Their style of photography is celebrity portraits and black and white photography

Are there any special photography techniques this photographer uses in his/her work? For special lighting he always used reflectors to manipulate the natural light

Who did/does the photographer work for? Worked for many different people depending on what commercial or shoot he was doing

What type of lighting does this photographer primarily use ? He used strobe and hot lights because it gave a special effect on the celebrities face

Who are some of your photographer’s early influences ? Herb Ritts became friends with Richard Gere , who was an actor, when he moved to Los Angeles and he got the opportunity to take pictures of his friend and ended up falling in love with the art of photography

Are there any interesting stories about this photographer or his/her work? He did a cover shoot with Madonna for her 1986 release True Blue.

What do you like (or not like) about their work, and why did you select this photographer? I like that he uses advanced and technical lighting to get different perspectives and make the different pictures come off different ways. I chose this photographer because he is known for his portraits and if I were to pursue a career in photography i would specialize in portraits.

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