Seeking the Good Life By: Carrie, Tara, Dan , Jenna

Inside Mecca

  • Hajj: the satisfaction comes from the pilgrimage
  • Obligation: are you really seeking the Good Life for yourself?
  • Muslims take the Hajj to seek a tangible connection
  • Everyone experiences a different journey to seek the Good Life


  • Sought the Good Life from other people
  • Who is the right teacher for us?
  • It's about the journey; not the destination
  • Enlightenment from within
  • Symbolism: the river leads Siddhartha to the Good Life

Interview with Ayn Rand

  • Shouldn't depend on anyone for your happiness
  • Unique to you
  • No set path

Media Source Connection - Finding Dory 2016

  • Dory's journey - completed on her own
  • Dory's teachers - helped guide her to inner enlightenment


  • In Finding Dory, Dory goes on a journey with the intention of finding her family while Siddhartha goes on his journey to find personal enlightenment. With this in mind, does the journey require a destination?
  • Does the Good Life come from seeking a goal or from living life?
  • What does enlightenment mean to you?
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