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A word from the Director

The Southern Adirondack Library System (SALS) is a cooperative public library system serving the thirty-four member libraries located in Hamilton, Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties. Our charge is to provide services and support to the library staff and trustees in these libraries as well as support library services in the four county jails and two NYS Correctional Facilities.

SALS has a community-based plan of service that determines our goals and objectives so we may provide the services our member libraries require to help them serve their communities. We allocate our funds based upon the services identified as important for the people who reside in our four counties and visit their public libraries. Highlighted here are many of the services SALS and Joint Automation staff provided in 2017 that enabled our thirty-four member libraries to grow and thrive during the year.

In an effort to be responsive to changing needs, we ask our membership to evaluate our services annually. As a result of the evaluation of our services by our members over the years, the SALS Board of Trustees created the Library Challenge Seed Grants, earmarked funds to support the Joint Automation Project, purchased e-content, and much more. We thank our membership for valuing and using our services, and look forward to another great year.

Sara Dallas


SALS Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction survey

"SALS does an amazing job providing the needed services to member libraries. We couldn't do what we do without SALS."
  • 100% of respondents are Satisfied with SALS services
  • 100% of respondents consider SALS services Valuable in serving their patrons
"We couldn't do 10% of what we do without SALS services."

The most used services in the system:

  • Polaris 96%
  • Delivery 95%
  • Communication between Libraries (email, meetings, conference calls) 89%
  • Continuing Education 86%
  • Digital Collections 86%

Information on the Move


For 2017, the delivery service provided 146 deliveries each week for a total of 460,797 items transported between libraries.

Electronic Materials

The digital collections through OverDrive increased to 157,490 checkouts on 12,694 digital items.


Continuing Education

Security Workshop and Adult Literacy Workshop

There were 35 Sessions with 519 participants. Topics included:

  • Polaris
  • OverDrive Marketplace
  • Polaris Leap
  • Library Security
  • Libraries Mean Business
  • Fake News Workshop
  • Whole Book Approach
  • Bridges out of Poverty
  • Hot to Run a Hi/Low Book Club
  • Adult Literacy Workshop
  • Adult Program Swap


Visiting Inlet Library Board and visiting Long Lake crew

There were 36 Sessions with 294 participants. Topics included:

  • Annual report
  • Construction Grant
  • Director Orientation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Charter Amendment
  • Budget Referendum
  • Trustee Training

System Automation

Joint Automation-Shared Services between Southern Adirondack Library System & Mohawk Valley Library System

Dave MacFarland and Jason Thomson

PCs ordered in 2017

Polaris improvements:

  • Collection Agency
  • Patron fine / inactivity purge
  • Upgrade to v5.2
  • LEAP implemented for all libraries
  • Added non-integrated eContent to the PAC: Hoopla, Zinio, and Mango Languages

JA Council:

  • JA Security Policy adopted
  • New JA fee formula
  • Migrated email from in house Exchange server to Office 365

Assisted member library with projects

  • Saratoga Springs Public Library RFID to Envisionware
  • Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library - Cassie upgrade
  • Schenectady County Public Library – Cassie upgrade

Network upgrades at member libraries:

  • Schenectady County Public Library – Upgrade internet connections to Spectrum
  • MidTel fiber at Schoharie Free Library, Middleburgh Library and Cobleskill-Community Library
  • SLIC fiber at Long Lake Library

Member library building projects:

  • Gloversville Free Library
  • Fort Plain Free Library
  • Galway Public Library

Other Upgrades

  • Backup HVAC in computer room
  • Upgrades to GoDaddy for member library websites

JA Computer Support

In 2017, JA received 1,948 support requests.

Top JA Support Requests

Organizational Excellence

Advocacy Day 2017

Visiting State Senator James Tedisco

The 60th Annual Meeting of the Southern Adirondack Library System

Continuing Education Award Winners

  • Round Lake Library a $250 trustee training scholarship
  • Town of Ballston Community Library a $250 trustee training scholarship
  • Whitehall Free Library a $500 trustee training scholarship

SALS Staff Awards

  • Mary Hanley for 20 years of service
  • Bill Rougier for 20 years of service
  • Sara Dallas for 15 years of service

Two trustees rotated off the Board: Sandi Payne, from Warren County, after 10 years of dedicated service, and Paul Mays, who represented Washington County for 11 years. Mr. Mays received a gift and resolutions from the SALS Board, State Senator Betty Little, and Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner recognizing his leadership and commitment.

Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner, Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh, Paul Mays and his fabulous tie

Director's Council

A Director's Council meeting with Melinda Taormina (Clifton Park-Halfmoon), Kathleen Naftaly (Crandall), A. Issac Pulver (Saratoga Springs), and Sara Dallas (SALS).


SALS Challenge Grants

Lake George ESL Students

Construction Grants Recipients

1. Town of Ballston Community Library Children's Room Makeover 2. Schuylerville Public Library LED Lighting Upgrade
  • Argyle Free Library--Window Sill Rehabilitation
  • Bolton Free Library--Two-Zone Heating System Installation
  • Horicon Free Public Library--Lighting & Electricity Upgrade
  • Town of Ballston Community Library--Children’s Room Makeover
  • Cambridge Public Library--Parking Lot Upgrade
  • Town of Chester Public Library--New Book Drop
  • Crandall Public Library--Building Assessment
  • CVW Long Lake Public Library--Architectural Assessment
  • Caldwell-Lake George Library--Electrical Upgrade
  • Town of Lake Pleasant Public Library--Purchase Furniture
  • Hadley-Luzerne Public Library--Architectural Assessment
  • Raquette Lake Free Library--Building Addition Design
  • Schuylerville Public Library--LED Lighting Upgrade

Library Services Seed Challenge Grant Recipients

Greenwich Free Library at the Comfort Food Community and the Schuylerville Public Library's Mobile Programs
  • Town of Ballston Community Library--Business Community Programs
  • Town of Chester Public Library--STEM-based Programs for Middle Schoolers
  • Galway Public Library--Galway Get Together: Community News & Resource Center
  • Crandall Public Library--Library-By-Mail
  • Greenwich Free Library--Library at the Food Pantry Program
  • Caldwell-Lake George Library--ESL & Support to International Seasonal Workers Program
  • Schuylerville Public Library--Mobile Programs & Services
  • Waterford Public Library--Library at the Community Center Program

Designated Fund Distribution

Distribution of $402,244 in Subsidies to Member Libraries

Local Library Support Aid (LLSA)

$0.31 per capita or $1,500, whichever is greater. In 2017, this grant was cut 6.38%

SALS Source: New York State categorical aid Total Amount: $103,552

County Aid

County Aid is a SALS pass-through disbursement. It was calculated for 2017 as follows:

  • Hamilton: Minimum $1,150, balance based on circulation. Total $11,500
  • Saratoga: Purchased OverDrive –downloadable e-content for Saratoga County member libraries. Total $32,000
  • Warren: $21,600 to Crandall, minimum $1,800, balance based on circulation. Total $45,000

Source: Each county Total Amount: $88,500


Argyle Free Library $16,425; Bolton Free Library $8,235; Easton Library $45,716; Greenwich Free Library $99,375; Southern Adirondack Library System $124,053; Stillwater Public Library $17,888; Town Of Johnsburg Library $45,581; Waterford Public Library $36,975

The ranking process and recommendation for funding amounts are determined by law, Education Commissioner’s Regulation, and criteria developed by SALS’ Board of Trustees as approved by the NYS Education Department.

Source: NYS categorical aid Total Amount: $394,248

County Youth Grants

Awards to enhance library services for youth through programming.

Source: Saratoga County Youth Bureau Total Amount: $1,120

NYS Grants

Early Literacy Grant: $8,426

These funds provided continuing education workshops to member library staff on early literacy issues. Grant funds purchased Beanstack software to provide early literacy tips and reader's advisory to patrons via email. This money also bought early childhood development ebooks for member library staff and patrons. The remaining grant funds let us implement a program to host Community Baby Showers that focused on the importance of early literacy for new parents at member libraries.

Adult Literacy Grant: $4,680

In 2016, SALS began its Libraries Mean Business initiative to support small businesses and entrepreneurs, supported by funds from the New York State Library’s Adult Literacy Library Services Program. The initiative helps member libraries support local businesses in order to create thriving communities.

SALS member libraries can participate in the Libraries Mean Business initiative in several ways:

  • Become Notary Publics
  • Host a turn-key program
  • Promote the Libraries Mean Business e-book collection

NYS Grant-In-Aid (member item grants) $108,000 disbursed to:

  • Argyle Free Library $1,000
  • Ballston Spa Public Library $4,000
  • Bolton Free Library $1,000
  • Horicon Free Public Library $1,000
  • Town of Ballston Comm. Library $4,000
  • Cambridge Public Library $4,000
  • Corinth Free Library $4,000
  • Town of Chester Public Library $1,000
  • Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library $7,000
  • Easton Library $4,000
  • Fort Edward Free Library $1,000
  • Galway Public Library $4,000
  • Crandall Public Library $1,000
  • Pember Library & Museum $1,000
  • Greenwich Free Library $1,000
  • Hudson Falls Free Library $1,000
  • Town of Inlet Public Library $4,000
  • Town of Indian Lake Public Library $4,000
  • Town of Johnsburg Library $1,000
  • CVW Long Lake Public Library $4,000
  • Caldwell-Lake George Library $1,000
  • Town of Lake Pleasant Public Library $4,000
  • Hadley-Luzerne Public Library $5,000
  • Mechanicville District Public Library $3,000
  • Raquette Lake Free Library $4,000
  • WRLIS Library $4,000
  • Saratoga Springs Public Library $7,000
  • Salem-Bancroft Public Library $1,000
  • Stillwater Public Library $3,000
  • Stony Creek Free Library $1,000
  • Schuylerville Public Library $3,000
  • Warrensburg-Richards Library $1,000
  • Waterford Public Library $3,000
  • Whitehall Free Library $1,000
  • Southern Adirondack Library System $14,000

We thank our State Senators Betty Little, James Tedisco, and Kathleen Marchione for their generous support.

Library Program of the Year

Mechanicville District Public Library: Farmer’s Market/Community Garden Program

The Mechanicville District Public Library’s goal for this program was to partner with local farmers, makers and organizations to provide an alternative place for the community to shop for healthy food, items and bring about community partnerships. The staff wanted to show its community that the library is there for them not just in books, CDs, and DVDs, but that the library is a vital piece of everyday life. Vendors ranging from local syrup to wood crafts filled spaces at no cost, attracting an average of 400 people each of the 17 Monday markets. A partnership with the Saratoga County Office of the Aging enabled lower-income residents to make purchases at the market with their benefit cards, and a partnership with The Lions Club, Saratoga Sod, and local police department resulted in six raised bed gardens, the 30-pound bounty from which was donated to the local food bank.


Crandall Public Library's 59th Year as Central Library

Central Library: Crandall Public Library - Glens Falls

Crandall Public Library - Glens Falls

The Central Library Plan of Service for 2017-2021 is the document that continues to be our guide for providing the tools, resources and professional assistance to SALS member libraries and our patrons. As a recipient of over $160,000 from New York State to carry out the plan, we meet the blueprint’s two ambitious aims:

  • GOAL 1: Crandall Public Library will provide access to adult nonfiction materials, resources and information in all formats for SALS member libraries to fulfill the role of Central Library per the requirements of NYS Education Law.
  • GOAL 2: Crandall Public Library will provide information services to benefit member libraries and the people who reside in Hamilton, Warren, Washington, and Saratoga counties.

Highlights from 2017 include:

  • Interlibrary loan items were borrowed 36,119 times from the Central Library.
  • Access to the eResources OverDrive, Ancestry Library Edition and Heritage Quest Online for all SALS cardholders.
  • Our staff answered over 54,000 reference questions. That is about 16 questions for every hour we were open to the public.

On behalf of the Crandall Public Library Board of Trustees and the Crandall Public Library, it is our responsibility and pleasure to work with the staff of SALS and member libraries in 2018 to continue to provide for the needs of our communities. Furthermore, I would like to recognize the helpful and energizing practices of Sara Dallas, Director of SALS, and her staff which allow the Central Library to thrive. Likewise, the SALS Board of Trustees and the JA professionals are to be admired for their dedication, guidance, and leadership. The 34 member libraries that use the services of the Central Library are also to be acknowledged for their never-ending service to our communities.


Kathleen U. Naftaly, Director

SALS on the Road


SALS Consultants traveled over 7,679 miles in 2017 visiting member libraries.

See you again in 2018

Thank you to our member libraries for making 2017 a success.

Board of Trustees (2017): Linda Borden, Christine Connell, Sandra Debus, Jordan Hornstein, Bob Jeffords, Paul Mays, Karen McComb, Dale Nemer, Bob Odess, Sandi Payne, John Plantier, Nancy Seifts, Russell Wise.

SALS Staff (2017): Sara Dallas, Jennifer Ferriss, Erica Freudenberger, Jill Martz, Cynthia Mirra, Bill Rougier, Jill Ryder, Jack Scott, Sharon Shyne, Dianne Winter.

JA Staff: Mary Hanley, Michele Largeteau, Dave MacFarland, Chris Mundell, Diane Robinson, Jason Thomson.


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