Music-Bands- Very popular bands back in 1961 were The Beatles, The Beach boys, and Led Zeppelin. Some songs by the Beatles are called Let It Be(1969), Hey Jude (1968), and Yesterday (1965). Some popular songs by The Beach Boys are called Good Vibrations (1966), God Only Knows (1966), and Wouldn't It Be Nice (1966). Led Zeppelin also wrote some good songs. two of them are called Whola Lotta Love (1969) and Ramble on (1969).

Dance- There were many popular dances in the 1960's called The Twist, Mashed Potato, and The Shake. The Twist was invented in 1960, The Mashed Potato was invented in 1962, The Shake was invented in 1967. Out of all of these, The Twist was the most popular for only a few years but people loved the dance.

Hairstyles- There were many hairstyles for men and women back in the 1960's. Some include the Bob, the Beehive, and The Afro. The Afro was popular for men and women, but, the Beehive and the Bob was most popular for women.

Fashion- Girls mainly wore dresses while men casually wore suits. If people had the money, the dresses and suits would be everyday outfits. Women sometimes even wore a dress everyday. But, some wore leggings and a tshirt or maybe a nice long sleeve shirt with a skirt and knee high socks. Men and boys mainly wore long pants or jeans and a long sleeve shirt. The jeans were usually bootcut and the cuffs of the shirts were usually folded upward.

Next is art. Some famous artists were Daniel Buren, Andy Warhol, and Giuseppe Penone. Some of their work is held below.

Let's talk about the houses these people lived in and the technology they used. Cell Phones were not a thing until 1983. Therefore, they still used telephones and wrote letters. Usually families smaller houses. Some were close to $40,000. More about technology: "1960s Technology. Spacewar! was devised in 1961 and is one of the earliest known digital computer games." (http://history.parkfieldict.co.uk/1960s/1960s-technology)

Now lets talk vehicles. Vehicles were newer and everyone wanted one. A few popular cars were Ferraris', Porsches', and Corvettes'. These cars came out before 1960, but they continued their brand throughout the years and are even still being made.

TV shows-Movies- One of the most famous movies in the 60's was called "Psycho". This movie was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It came out in 1960. It was written by Bernard Herrmann. Hitchcock made $9,000 American dollars from that movie.

There were not many TV shows back then mainly because some people couldn't afford TVs. But, 2 of the most popular TV shows was "Star Trek". It was made by Gene Roddenberry in 1966.

Another famous show was The Andy Griffith Show. Which came out in 1960 and it was made by Aaron Ruben and Sheldon Leonard.

Next up is historical events during the 1960's. Even though the Vietnam War started in the 1950's it was still devastating. It went on until 1975 and killed more than 3 million people. Also in the 1960's African Americans were fighting for civil rights.

The End


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