Gathering Blue Louis lowry

“Take pride in your pain; you are stronger than those who have none”

Gathering Blue is a book based in a small village somewhere in the world, where people work hard, have little technology, and people that are different, are not accepted. The main character Kira, a 12 year old girl with no father, born with a twisted leg, and recently just lost her mother, is taken to court to see if they should "give her to the field", where there are beasts waiting to eat her. Kira's final fate is to now live in the Council Edifice and patch up the Singer's Robe, a robe worn once a year on the Singer for the ceremony that had much importance. While living there, Kira meets new friends, learns new skills, and gains more knowledge.

One of her tasks is to dye threads, something only her mother knew of. She learns to dye many threads, but cannot dye blue threads due to no required plants for blue. When one of her friends goes missing, she will be happily surprised with what he brings back.

Gathering Blue is the second book to The Giver. There is also a third and fourth book. Soon there will be a movie, Gathering Blue.

By Whitney Gueck

Created By
Whitney G


Created with images by Hans - "forget me not flower brunnera vergissmeinnicht"

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