Islam By josh and amir


There are over 1 billion followers of Islam. They live in the Asia pacific region.

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND-Began during the 7th century it started in Mecca Saudi Arabia where a man named Muhammad believed in one god (monotheistic),while the other people believed in multiple gods. (polytheistic)
The god of Islam is named Allah, and the prophet that started Islam is Muhammed. The people that followed him is called sahabah.
Muhammad spread his teachings of Islam with his followers through the Arabian peninsula. Once Muhammad died Islam spread through Egypt and other parts of North Africa.
They believe that god finally sent Muhammad as the last law bearing prophets to convey the divine message to the whole world. The code of behavior: 1. Truthfulness, patience, forgiveness, and moderation.
The holy book of Islam is called the Quran. They made the book about Muhammad's teachings after he died.
The most sacred place is Mecca where only Muslims are allowed in. The most sacred area is called the great mosque where they worship the hajj.
The star and crescent moon was the emblem of the Ottoman Empire and eventually in the 19th century gradually became associated with Islam
The holidays of Islam are eid al - addah and eid al - fitr and its celebrated at the end of Ramadan. (Ramadan is a month where you do not eat or drink in the afternoon
Interesting facts: The five pillars of Islam are 1.1 shahada: faith 1.2 salat prayer 1.3 zakat charity. 1.4 sawm fasting 1.5 hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.


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