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The Eden Angel Love Short Short Story Preview


I am not thinking about the ordinary kind. The kind where wars are waged. God pitted against God Himself. The kind where Heaven and Earth separate because of it.


It is lost contemplating and wondering the reason love willed me to do something I wasn't designed to do. Days? Weeks? Months? I don't know how much time has passed. Yet, the answer is elusive, no matter how hard I try. I fear that the source of love is too complicated to grasp.

I. As a creature of light and love, a mere servant created to serve the Lord, I fall further and further deep into hopelessness. There is nothing but doom. The Archangel Gabriel has to save me. Save us.

We are embroiled in a war that pits us against the law of Heaven. The war Lucifer fought and eventually lost. We have to figure things out and fast. Or I fear that the end of my existence is imminent.

I beg for God's forgiveness no matter what happens. I am weak and a lowly servant. For that, I am sorry for being what I am. I cannot do any better.

This nightmare has to end. It grows more and more out of control every day. I continue to beg God to intervene. We've been trying to reach Him. But it is futile. Now, I can only hope in Archangel Gabriel. Ae (pronoun for an angel that sounds like ‘ay’ in May) is my only hope.

God, please rescue us from this darkness that threatens to engulf us into the clutches of oblivion. A place where we will cease to exist.

Whatever happens, don't look back Raph.

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Thank you, much love and God bless! - Victor Oh

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