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Gary Lima (Senior Vice-President, Academic Services)

"When our students are successful we are successful. Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services (ESES) supports our students in securing employment whether it be self-employment or traditional work. This brochure highlights how we can work together to empower our students to achieve their goals. I fully support the excellent work of ESES and encourage the Academic team to invite them into your classrooms and refer students to them. By engaging each other we create synergy that will assist our students in reaching their career aspirations."

Michele Beaudoin (Vice-President, Student Services)

“Students recognize the benefit of employment, entrepreneurial experiences and Co-operative Education opportunities as a way of connecting academic curriculum to their careers. They see the value in learning outside the classroom and how their experiences help them to reinforce what they learn in the classroom. When students understand how a particular course will relate to their future work, they become more engaged academically and have a better chance of achieving success. Staff in Career Services, Co-operative Education, Community Employment Services and LEAP Junction are excited to work with Academic Services to engage with students early and often as they pursue employment opportunities and connect the classroom to their careers.”

Who Are We

Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services is a support service within Fanshawe College that exists to help job seekers prepare to find gainful employment. Our services are compromised of four sections that work together to serve all job seekers:

  • Career Services
  • Co-operative Education
  • Community Employment Services
  • LEAP Junction Student Entrepreneurial Services

Students and faculty are welcome to access our services at any time, and we hope you find this guide useful in determining how we can help you.


Career Services: Career Services helps students become job ready. Career Services can assist students looking for a part-time job during school, or can help them find their career after graduation, and offer in class and one-on-one assessment tools such as Personality Dimensions and MBTI. Career Services also hosts the Career and Summer Job Fair in February of every year, inviting 100+ employers from various industries to meet with out students right here on campus.

Co-operative Education: Co-operative Education Consultants work with students enrolled in Co-operative Education programs to integrate work experience with academic experience. The Consultants help students prepare for and find work experience.

"You’ve really been an amazing support to me and it would’ve been really hard for me to do what I have done if it was not for you" - international Co-op student

Community Employment Services: Community Employment Services (CES) is funded by Employment Ontario and works with unemployed clients in London to aid them in their job search. CES offers workshops, employment counselling, job development and document preparation services. There are two CES locations in London: Nelson Plaza, 155 Clarke Rd and Market (downtown); and 501-151 Dundas St.

LEAP Junction Student Entrepreneurial Services: Have your students ever dreamed of starting their own business? Maybe some of them already have. LEAP Junction offers consulting to entrepreneurs to the Fanshawe College community. Students, staff and faculty can find resources, access workshops, learn about funding and special events, as well as meet future business partners.

"I've learned more in the past few months that I've been with Leap, than I have in the past 4 years running my business! They are so supportive, offer amazing resources and genuinely care about my success. Leap Junction helped me scale my business and gave me the confidence to push harder as an entrepreneur." Nicole Snobelen – Fashion Designer, Evelyn by Nicole Snobelen (Fashion Design Graduate)


"We have recently formed a partnership with Fanshawe in order to launch a co-op program within our facility. The Fanshawe students who took advantage of the opportunity while offering their services excelled. They were bright, motivated, capable and offered real value to the business units that they worked for. We look forward to continuing this program and are excited about the possibilities of how the program will grow in the future." -Employer

InterviewStream: This online tool allows students to record and play back mock interviews in order to improve their skills. Students can select from more than 7,000 questions, record their interviews and then send them to faculty or ESES staff for review and feedback.

Career Development Assessments: Through one-on-one or in a classroom setting, a number of our staff are certified in delivering Personality Dimensions and MBTI workshops. These assessment tools can help students unleash their professional potential while giving them the tools to become the best team member they can be in their chosen field.

Social Media: We have an active social media following on Facebook and Twitter. This is a great place to find information about upcoming job fairs, employers on campus and other events, get advice on preparing job search documents and a way to get to know us! Follow FanshaweCS on both Facebook and Twitter.

FOL Jobsite and Career Services Online Resources: This is the central hub for all things career related. All students are enrolled automatically into the Career Services FOL course, which offers information on scheduled events, workshops, job postings and when employers are coming on campus to recruit. Jobsite is where our robust Job Board can be accessed and is available to all Fanshawe College students and Alumni.

Career LibGuide: Students have access to online resources such as numerous career and employment resources through Library and Media Services.

Ignite: This conference helps to prepare participants for their future careers introducing them to networking, as well as by offering keynote speakers, an employer panel and a variety of workshops. This is an exciting event for staff, students, alumni, and community members and combines valuable industry knowledge - with a free lunch and door prizes!

Rising Leaders: Our unique program assists students in developing their leadership skills. This is accomplished through a wide variety of workshops, ranging from communication to innovation/ creativity and much more. Students who attend a minimum of five workshops will receive recognition on their Co-Curricular Record.

Larry Myny Mentorship: Named for its benefactor, a well-known London businessperson, the Larry Myny Mentorship program matches self-motivated, high-achieving students with a fitting mentor. Mentors are Fanshawe Alumni and/or community members who are established professionals. They assist in developing the mentees transferable skills, as well as introducing them to building a professional network.

Don't Cancel That Class: Don't Cancel That Class is an initiative through Career Services to assist faculty when time away from their scheduled class is planned. Class time that would have otherwise been cancelled can now be an opportunity to bring in guest speakers from either Career Services or the Library and Media Services to deliver career or research based workshops.

“I highly recommend Don’t Cancel That Class to my colleagues, not just for the assistance it provides you when you have planned absences, but for the added benefit it provides our students.” - Dan Smith (Coordinator, School of Applied Science and Technology)


We provide faculty support in the following:

  • Career and Co-operative Education expertise
  • Entrepreneurialism support
  • Labour market information
  • Career events, such as Career Fairs and Virtual Fairs
  • Job searching resources
  • Free Head Shot events
  • Online resources
  • In-class presentations
  • Second Career information
  • Workshops
  • And much more!

To view all of the services available, please visit us at


  • We will provide customized services that suit that needs of your students and industry professionals.
  • We strive to enhance student postgraduate employment.
  • We provide tailored resources and tip sheets.
  • We have career technologies available that can be used in the classroom to supplement learning outcomes and career development success.
  • We have been building relationships with employers since 1967.
  • We contribute to significant positive change in KPI results.
  • We can access funding for student entrepreneurs and community partners.
  • We engage with each other and work towards our one common goal: student success!
"I came in for various workshops, I job searched, but I held out on the hope that I would get accepted by Second Career, and I did. Thank you very much for providing the community with a place to go, when life gives you an awful curve ball." -CES Client


We support students with our expertise in:

  • Resume review and critiquing
  • Cover letter writing tips and techniques
  • Interview techniques and mock interview reviews
  • Part-time employment strategies
  • Information on student career options after graduation
  • Guidance in student career direction through assessment tools
  • Contact with employers
  • Job postings
  • Career and Job Fairs and Virtual Fairs
  • Workplace etiquette tips
  • Assistance with finding a Co-operative Education work experience
  • Information on how to start a business

To view all of the services available, please visit us at

Our main office is in D1063 at Fanshawe's London Campus.

Can't find us? No problem! We are happy to come to you and your students. Please email us at to set up a meeting!

Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services Room D1063

"I believe that your efforts contributed significantly to the positive impression the PEQAB panel members had of our program, of our College and of our collective commitment to excellence and to student success." - Dean

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