BWC Terminals News Flash July/August 2020

Photo from Brunswick Terminal

BWC Core Values

As part of our integration, we are asking for your input in developing our BWC Core Values.

You might be asking, why is this important?

Core values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what we stand for as an organization. They are the essence of our identity – the principles, beliefs and philosophy of our values. They educate our customers and peers about what we believe in and live by. Our Core Values will be our guide in how we operate, make decisions, and work together every day. They should not be compromised, either for convenience or short-term economic gain.

What we will live by every day as BWC Terminals?

The survey will close Friday, September 4th.

Construction Updates


When there isn't enough room to construct a tank roof next to the tank, you build it inside the tank and lift it.

Houston Jacintoport

Jacintoport construction has been busy since our last update. The 25,000 barrel tanks are constructed with stairs in place with catwalks between the tanks underway. The 15,000 barrel tanks are progressing well with the 5th ring complete on two of the tanks. The crane for the dock hose tower arrived, truck scale has been installed, piping construction is underway, fencing, and retaining walls are complete. Cable tray is complete for the MCC building and cables being installed this month.

Stockton Terminal

Five 20,000 barrel tanks are complete in Stockton. First railcar unloaded into the tank August 18th. Bottom Left photo - Frankie Benitez (Terminal Operator) and Candace Winton (Customer Service Manager) preparing for the first truck worked.

Terminal Data System (TDS)

First Installation Complete in Stockton

In 2018, Wayne LaFluer (pictured on right) was tasked with overhauling the existing work order system (EDC2) to incorporate automation and efficiencies. Since then, Wayne has worked diligently with Operations and Customer Service to design the EDC2 replacement known as Terminal Data System (TDS). Over time TDS will be installed across the organization to replace EDC2 and other work order programs.

TDS is a paperless order system that provides instant relay of tank inventories and activities ongoing in each facility and in real time. This was the first step towards fully automated servicing and the future of giving Customers the ability to manage their own assets and activities within the terminal.

Thank you to all for the hard work and dedication from Stockton Terminal, Engineering and IT in making this happen!

Pictured left to right: Tony Bencivenga, Senior System Engineer and Wayne LaFleur, Enterprise Applications Architecht

Automation system

Employee News

Welcome to BWC!

We are glad you joined our team.

Hiram Soliz - Terminal Operator - Magnolia Terminal, Josh Chapman - Terminal Operator - Harvey, Matthew Lopez - Terminal Operator - Magnolia Park, Tommy Bankhead Jr. - Terminal Operator - Magnolia Park Terminal
Jaron Guillot - Terminal Operator - Harvey Terminal, Jordan Sturke - Terminal Operator - Harvey Terminal, Ieuan Colwill - Terminal Operator - Hamilton
Brian Cutter - VP Corporate Development - Houston, Cornelius Mayes - Terminal Operator - Houston Manchester Terminal, Jesse Garza - Terminal Operator - Houston Manchester Terminal
Cassie Alfaro - Customer Service Representative - Houston Manchester Terminal, Maria Castro - Customer Service - Billing - Houston Manchester Terminal, Brandon Connors - Terminal Operator - Houston Manchester Terminal

Employee Anniversaries

5 years - Stacie Loupe - Customer Service Representative - Port Allen

15 years - Brian Satterwhite - Lead Operator - Port Allen, John Schueler, Jr. - Terminal Operator - Baltimore


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the Home

At work, PPE has become second nature to us. Safety glasses, safety shoes, gloves, hard hats and hearing protection are worn to protect us from harm while at work. What about some of the routine chores we do at home? Don’t we deserve (and shouldn’t we use) the same protection at home?

Over the last few months, we reviewed proper selection and use of safety eye ware and hand protection. Now let’s discuss foot protection.

Shoes may not seem as critical to safety around the home as protective eyewear or gloves, but footwear provides many benefits. Here are some of the way’s safety shoes can keep you safe at home.

  1. Protection from falling or flying objects like debris from a string trimmer
  2. Protection from punctures like stepping on a nail or glass
  3. Protection from cutting hazards like chainsaws, shovels, etc.
  4. Prevention of slips, trips and falls - shoes with appropriate traction can help prevent falls on slippery surfaces. They can also prevent falls from ladders, which are all too common when people don’t wear shoes with proper treads. Footwear that fits well and feels comfortable can also improve balance, which will help prevent slips, trips and falls, too.
  5. Prevention of burns - Burns from fire can happen at home, but so can burns from chemicals and even from common home project materials like cement. Footwear made from durable materials can prevent burns from chemicals splashes and other dangerous substances that could injure the skin on the feet.
  6. Protection from extreme weather - We all know that cold weather can lead to injuries such as frost bite and hypothermia, and those dangers shouldn’t be overlooked. Working outside in the winter (shoveling driveways and sidewalks) can expose your feet to frostbite if you are not wearing the proper shoes. Not all footwear is waterproof or insulated to provide protection against the cold, rain and snow, so be sure to select shoe options that are made from appropriate materials.

Things You Might Want to Know

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