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I think war is when two countries go against each other. countries go against each other because the other country did something to the country they are fight against.

People in World War ll probably felt scared that they were going to die. Imagine bombs going off in your ears, guns going off you could get shot and die. So obviously you would be scared and nervous.


I think annoying when i think about my neighbors. I think that because when i´m sleeping they scream, and they talk super loudly. They wake up like at 9:00 am and go outside. That´s why I think they are annoying.

If there was a war going on in my neighborhood I would try to save my neighbors. I would save them because they are humans either way there like everyone else in the neighborhood.

number the stars

I think that the story is going to be about how war effected peoples life. I think a girl or boy is going to be telling how they survived. How people chose sides in the war. I also think its going to be how each community helped each other throughout the war.

Literary Analysi

Mama says, ¨Be one of many¨. I think this means be like everyone else at this type of time cause if they remember your face then they can look at you and be like this is the girl who did this and that. You don´t want that to happen.

Because she worried that something can happen to her daughter and she does not want her daughter to be harmed, because it is her daughter.

"well', Annemarie said slowly, "now i think that all of Denmark must be bodyguard for the Jews, as well.'' (page 25)

I think it would be crazy, there would allot of death involved. The Germans would no be happy because it seem that the Denmark people are going against German. There not supposed to go against the Germans because if they do it would cause a war between bot of them, and Denmark would lose.

I think Annemarie will Ellen by hiding her if anything happens. If they don't have food she's going to give her food because their really close to each other.

I think Annemarie felt tentative at the end of chapter three because she was thinkin “would i die to protect them”. She wasn’t sure if she would sacrifice everything for her friends family’s and her. She felt like it was the best thing for her not to be jewish.

Her feelings changed because she didn’t think a second about not helping her friend. She didn’t just turn her in because she was scared. But in the beginning she was unsure if she would sacrifice herself or anyone else to for her friend.

I think their friendship is powerful that she would leave a mark on her hand for her. Basically she would do anything for ellen. Also the star of david means something to ellen so she saved it. And the star might have left her hand but it will always be in her mind


We just read mama taking the rosens to the boat, and while she was running back she broke her ankle. Mr.Rosen dropped a package out of his pocket that Peter gave him. So Annemarie had to take it to uncle Henrik. So now t four soldiers and 2 dogs have stopped Annemarie.

Therefore, I predict that the soldiers will let the dogs eat the food, And they will discover the package. So she won't get the package to uncle Henrik, and she would go to jail.


Man .vs. Himself

Annemarie was in bed. She was thinking to herself . She was thinking would she sacrifice everything for the Rosens. Would she die to keep them safe from the Germans. Annemarie felt joy about being normal. When she was frightened she pulled the sheets around her neck and relaxed. She thought this was all imaginary no one was called to be brave.

The lesson Annemarie learned is she was unsure what she would sacrifice for people.

I know this is a type of conflict because she was thinking to herself. She was unsure. She was debating if she would save her friend or not from the Germans.

Man .vs. Nature

Annemarie's mom was taking the Rosens to safety. When she was coming back she was running back. She was running fast because she wanted to get to her daughters faster. While she was running she didn't see a twig. She tripped over the twig ,and she fell down. When she fell she broke her ankle. Since she broke her ankle ,she had crawl to the farm. Annemarie woke up she noticed that her mom wasn't home. So she looked around the whole house. She look outside and saw her mom laying in the grass outside. Then Annemarie's mom explained her everything.

Annemarie's mom learned don't be in a hurry because you could badly hurt yourself.

This wasn't caused by a person nor was it caused not on accident. The twig was part of nature. She was running the wood. In the woods there is twigs, flowers, grass, trees and, rocks. All of that is part of nature.

Man .vs. Society

Annemarie, Ellen, and Annemarie's parents were all asleep. Then the German soldiers came looking to see if Ellen and her parents were with the Johansen's. They looked all over the place until they came into Annemarie's room. Annemarie quickly took Ellen's necklace because it was the Jewish star. Her parents tried to stop them into the room because they were hiding Ellen, But the didn't listen. So the soldiers screamed at Ellen and Annemarie to leave the room. They went out into the living room. The soldiers were suspicious because Ellen had blond hair and Johansen's did not. The solider pulled Ellen's hair to point that out. So Mr.Johansen took out a picture when Lise was little. When Lise was little she had blonde hair. So that worked and Ellen was safe.

Annemarie learned that she would do anything to protect the Ellen. She learned that she is braver then she thinks she is.

The soldiers are are part of society. They basically live in Denmark and control everyone. But luckily Mr.Johansen was smart enough, and beat them with a lie.

Man .vs. Man

Mrs.johansens told Annemarie what really happened to Lise. Lise was part of the Resistance. Lise, Peter and some other people were having a secret meeting. They got caught by the German soldiers. People were running away not get caught and get killed. They saw Lise running away on the road. When they saw her the ran her over with a car.

Annemarie learned that her sister was brave. That she would do anything to protect her country.

The solider is a person. Lise is trying to get away from the man. But she wasn't running fast enough. but she made a big sacrifice.



It means to me that you would do anything to protect anyone. That you would put yourself in danger even without knowing what your doing.

When krissy pushed the guards hand away and said " don't touch my hair. Even when Annemerie told her not to talk.

When Annemarie was running to give the package to uncke Henrik. She got stopped by the guards, and she was being brave by acting like a little kid.

Vocabulary Words

lanky & stocky

¨she was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie¨ (page 1)

Based on this sentence, stocky sounds like the word stiff, and lanky sounds like the word loose. These words are describing character´s looks.

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means bulky or thickest.

suffix:-y, relating to or filled with; other words: messy, cheesy, lucky











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