Rhythm and Resistance by Howard Schoellman

Poetry intro

Resistance is the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. Resistance is important because it affects the creation of good laws and it aids in the destruction of laws that go against the constitution. Poetry can show resistance by going against past ideals like slavery or unequal rights. This unit is titled Rhythm and Resistance because it is trying to show what we are studying and focusing on this unit. I wrote the poems that I did to resist prostitution , police brutality, and deprivation of liberty.

In my poem Daisy Dukes I was trying to portray an innocent man trying to warn other men about prostitution and the backlash that comes afterwards from the decision of the choice. The message that I was trying spread in Daisy Dukes was, as a male or female, to resist the temptation to participate in the prostitution ring. In my poem Eternal Paradise I was trying to put the reader in the shoes of the Spanish people when the french were invading their land and conducting executions on innocent villagers. It also was showing that they were being deprived of their liberty. I was trying to show the reader the injustice of this situation. This poem resists violence

This unit in my English class has changed the way I view poetry because I used to think that poetry only described certain events or objects in nature. I now know differently. I would say that my poetic style is very figurative. It is also a little aggressive depending on the subject of the poem. I also have a very serious tone when it comes to writing poetry.

Daisy Dukes

Daisy Dukes

Those Daisy Dukes, Those Daisy Dukes they’re my addiction but to my brothers on the streets they cause nothing but affliction. They’re cause of the kids on the street who don’t know their father but some men these days don’t take the time to bother. Those Daisy Dukes, Those Daisy Dukes, brother look away, don’t be fooled by those girls they’re out there everyday looking to get paid, but don’t get persuaded to be lead astray. In the moment it’ll feel Dolce sweet right? but in the end, the outcome is as bitter as a snake bite. It’s wrong, unjust, and also unfair so be aware of your choice if you chose to tempt the fates in the middle of the night under the street light

Francis De Goya third of May , 1808

Eternal Paradise

Here we are, all lined up and standing, waiting to meet our fate like cattle being led to the slaughter house. As we are waiting we hear the horrifying sound of a musket go off, and another body falls with a sickening “thud! ”, like the sound of a rotten apple falling off a tree. Like a mark forever branded in my mind I will never forget those innocent men being lined up and shot like convicts, even though they had done nothing to deserve this torture. One man covers his face as if he was trying to shield his eyes from this terrifying and harsh reality. He also cries for he knows he’s next. Here I am covering my comrades with my arms wide open, like Jesus on the cross. I willingly volunteered to go before the man who was covering his face, so he would be spared another minute to live. The rest of the men looked at me as if I were mad. I was not worried, I was calm because I knew it would be over quickly and I would soon be in eternal paradise with God. I walked to the center of the road and the last thing I heard was “bang !” then the world went black. Just like my country when the French invaded and tainted it with their thoughts and ideas Maybe one day, we will be free from this torment But at least, finally, I was free from this wicked and treacherous reality.

Police officers

The Aftermath of the protest

I am a man who killed a child

I am a woman who birthed a child

I am a man who had a choice and pulled the trigger

I am a woman who had no choice whether my son would live or die

When I realized what happened, I fell to my knees

When I found out what happened, I fell to my knees

I wept for my future for I had committed a sin

I wept for his future for he would have grown up to be a great man

I didn’t deserve forgiveness for what I had done

I wanted to forgive him for what he did

I am a man that is a part of a system that has trained me to shoot first

I am a woman who wants to change that system

I went to the funeral, but I wept because it was my fault

I went to the funeral, I confronted the man who killed my son and I forgave him and I prayed to god that his soul would be spared

Created By
Howard Schoellman


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