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Columbus arrives in the Bahamas. Europeans are in the Americas to stay. Columbus eventually makes four voyages to the New World, but dies dejected and forgotten in Valladolid, Spain in 1506.The encomienda system begins, granting Indians to Spanish encomenderos as slaves. The Spaniards are tasked with protecting the natives and teaching them Christianity. The system is rife with abuses

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Discover interesting information and facts about the history during the Colonial America Time Period. This History Timeline of Colonial America Time Period provides a list detailing key conflicts, events and dates of key events in the 1600's. A comprehensive list of the key events which were important to the Colonial America Time Period. For specific facts refer to the 13 Colonies Timeline. The first History Timeline covers the Colonial America Time Period from the Jamestown colonists in 1607 and the Pilgrim Fathers arriving at the Plymouth Settlement in the Mayflower, with the Mayflower Compact and the establishment of the first of the 13 English Colonies. All of the years and dates of these famous events are detailed in the History Timeline from 1607-1650 during this Colonial America Time Period


1519Cortes Conquers Aztecshe was slavering native in order to get money by them selfs and not,Cortés and his men conquer the entire Aztec Empire in what will later become Mexico.he Treaty of Tordesillas is signed, dividing newly discovered overseas lands between Portugal and Spain.


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