San Ambrosio farm is only three hours away from Ezeiza International Airport. As soon as you arrive to Buenos Aires some of our designated staff will be waiting for you ready to assist you. There is also a local airport 10 minutes away from San Ambrosio, for small airplanes and helicopters land.

Our enterprise, in the province of Entre Rios, provides a perfect combination of warmth, care, and service, at one of the most spectacular and amazing places in Argentina. Thousands of kilometers of marsh, also called “banados”, offer fourteen duck species, stunning sunrises and unforgettable sunsets, all in the most exclusive hunting environment.

During your stay on our premises, you will discover the beauty of the landscape, which includes thousands of cultivated woodlands, and ideal weather, which together encourage the proliferation of dove and duck. Being able to hunt many different species without driving to far from one place to another is one of the greatest advantages of this amazing province.

After numerous trips to see my friends Juan and Tomas at South Parana Outfitters, I've come to realize that perfection is not something to be experienced only once in a lifetime. If you are looking for the finest Argentina has to offer in the way of a hunting outfitter then look no further than South Parana Outfitters. Your imagination, anticipation, and satisfaction will be indulged beyond your wildest expectations. - Bob Voydat, Colorado

You will have a designated bird boy, who will deal with any hunting need that you may have during your stay. Furthermore, your experienced professional bird boy will be in charge of calling the ducks and recharging cartridges. All of our guides are bilingual and it is their job to accompany you during the hunt and they will take into account your personalized tastes and interests.

Argentina, in comparison to other countries, has the advantage of having no restrictions when it comes to the hunting of doves, due to the threat that they represent to agriculture. However, Entre Rios is known for its prolific fauna, its great care for the environment, and its deep respect for the law. We can proudly say that conservationism is at the foundation of our company.

Duck hunting season goes from May through August. Dove is available for hunting all year long. Combination shoots and customized package shoots are available.







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