Shop Small. Shop Often. Create a SAFER future for your children

Your choices as a caretaker, chef of the household, parent & guardian of their future matters

Plan your shopping. Make a list.

Sketchnote credits go to Thaddaeous Moody
  • Plan meals for the days ahead and buy only what you need
  • Will you be eating out or cooking at home? Consider this before you shop
  • Look in your pantry & refrigirator before you go out

Shop frequently in small quantities

Sketchnote credits go to Thaddaeous Moody
  • Avoid buying in bulk. You are not saving money buying bulk if a lot of it goes to waste.
  • Try to grocery shop more frequently. Once or twice a week instead of once a month will significantly curtail overybuying. Do what fits your family's lifestyle with food waste in mind.
  • The more often you buy, the fresher & healthier your food

Choose to SHOP SMALL

Choose to SHOP OFTEN

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