Dj Sandiso ft Dream Team Anginamngani


This music video is about the every day guy (played by Sandiso) that one day walked into a party and stole the show. Not with money, not with dress code or a car, but just by the way he out danced everyone at the party.

We open to a party thats at full capacity. Our average joe walks in, and looks around at people having fun, blessers (played by Dream Team) paying for bottles and girls dancing to the sparkles. With out hesitation, he jumps into the middle of the dance floor and causes attention with his dance moves that put him in the centre of a circle.
Girls and guys try to challenge him, blessers come out of their booths to pull off the best dance moves, but none compares to our average joe. By the end of the night, all love for our average joe, but he still decides to leave alone, leaving the offer of woman and bottles; but taking the dance crown.


In the music video we set up 3 main performance scenes. These 3 performances will be for Dream Team, as we move away from the conventional Dj playing in the booth, and have Sandiso's presence in the video as the main character.

First Solo performance in front of creative lighting in the party.
Second Solo performance in VIP booth with crowd.
Third Solo performance on stage/in front of booth with party going crazy

We will activate the brand in the video as part of the party scene; focus on the upper class man in the video who is suitable to the brand.

.... the End

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