Winnaz staff and how they're coping with the COVID_19 Pandemic A group moved by teamwork

WINNAZ is a potato crisps brand that has been operating in Rwanda for over 4 years now. Based in Musanze, today Winnaz produces 4 flavors. Salted, Paprika, Salt & Vinegar and Pizza. The brand strives to be a winning premium brand leading in quality and tasty crisps, with production in the region working with young and energetic youth in all its lanes of operation. With the COVID_19 outbreak, the pandemic has affected several business operations forcing many to adjust their daily processes and strategy to keep up and moving. It is in these circumstances that food processing industries need to be creative, hard-working with a winner’s mentality to overcome the challenges of this outbreak. To better understand what we as Winnaz are doing we give you the opportunity to learn more about our Winnaz staff and partners as they are the pillars of the company and will share their stories and how they’re coping with the COVID_19 outbreak.

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Vanessa IKIREZI is an Agronomist at Winnaz since February. Her favorite Winnaz crisps flavor is Salt and Vinegar because of its taste. Being able to work with the farmers to harvest and supply Winnaz the required quality potato for processing makes her proud. She is motivated by working with young people, energetic, passionate, hardworking and sees a good promising future working with Winnaz. She expects to gain a lot of experience at work as she works with farmers. Through her work, Winnaz has been able to empower rural farmers to learn good agronomic practices to produce quality and high yields and farmers are assured of a market with a good price. The Outbreak of COVID_19 has affected her work as now she cannot supervise the supply or follow-up closely the potato in the field during planting and harvest. However, she has adopted to use mobile communication with farmers to advise and remind them on what to do to get good harvest. She encourages other colleagues to still be efficient, proactive, not to lose the manner of service delivery and to consider company’s profitability.

Winnaz works with Rwandan rural farmers for quality potato produce.

Egide NIYIBIZI is the Production Manager at Winnaz for almost 5 years. He is happy to be among the team behind the growth of the Winnaz brand. Team work and the conducive environment motivates him at work. He loves Winnaz Original crisps flavour because of its natural and original taste. Niyibizi is honoured to work with a brand that has a winner’s mentality and with which the word impossible does not exist. As a food bio-technologist, he has gained many management and leadership training courses which have helped him to manage and lead his team. He has also managed to cater for himself and his family basic needs. COVID-19 as a global pandemic, has affected and disrupted his work in planning and productivity although Niyibizi and his team have taken it serious to follow Government as well as MoH and WHO directives to prevent the pandemic. He dreams to see the Winnaz brand among the worldwide best producer of quality and tasty crisps. His encouragement to other colleagues is to love what they do, be motivated, hardworking and learn from previous mistakes to improve their performance.

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Console UMUTONI, aka Coco is Winnaz’s Sales Representative and Promotions Planner. Umutoni has worked with Winnaz for 4 years. She loves the Winnaz Salt & Vinegar flavor made from Kinigi potato variety. She is proud to have seen the Winnaz brand grow to a well-known and leading brand which offers classy and tasty crisps in Rwanda. Working with Winnaz has enabled her to fulfil her dream of starting a modern poultry farm as a business. Coco is motivated by the team spirit at work, cool and friendly bosses which pushes her to work harder in difficult periods like the COVID_19 pandemic outbreak that has affected Rwanda and the whole world. Through home deliveries and keeping supplies moving, she has kept the Winnaz products on the market while observing the Ministry of Health (MoH) directives against COVID_19. As a sales representative and promotions planner, she encourages other colleagues to adopt to making MoMo cash sales than credit and to love their job for better performance.

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