The Giver Movie VS Book

"The Giver" has many aspects from movie and book. The book is a written version of the story written by Lois Lowry and printed in 1993 it tells the story of a 12 year old boy named Jonas. born into what is known as the community. He is chosen as the next receiver of memory.

The movie by the same name "The Giver" was a theatrical adaptation of the book. Released in the year 2014,"The Giver " was released in a multiple number of movie theaters. It received a decent review from many people. The film depicts the community as a semi futuristic world witch remains black and white thru half the film .

The film adaptation and book share multiple differences. The community was never depicted as a futuristic society and instead was a standard modern day society. The movie does not share the prologue as the book does due to the limit of a 2 hour time stamp for the film

In my opinion i prefer the book over the film for many reasons. The most credible being that the book shows a more in depth feel to the characters thoughts unlike the film as well as the quicker understanding of events occurring instead of a visual understanding.


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