Out of the Darkness Walk September 15, 2018

A group of 20 students from the CG Lifesavers club and STUGO attended the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's annual "Out of the Darkness" walk on Sept. 15. According to the AFSP website, the event raises awareness about suicide and depression, fundraises for research and education to prevent suicide from taking place and provides assistance and a safe outlet for survivors of suicide.

At the AFSP Resource table, there are informative books, buttons and other suicide prevention-based resources to take if you need it.

The walk started at White River State Park in downtown Indy. There are booths with resources and a few guest speakers during the Opening Ceremonies. Those that go to the walk could choose to walk the 3K or the 5K.

Ava Fisher '21, Charlie Dilk '21 and Margaret Slover '21 sit on the steps outside of the NCAA building waiting for the walk to begin. "It's important to raise awareness about suicide prevention," Slover said. "My favorite part was hanging out with friends and being able to support the people who have lost loved ones."
Sapna Vyas '21 look up to see an airplane pulling a Be the Voice sign over the hundreds of people walking over the White River on the 5K.
Peyton Cangany '20 and Avery St. Pierre '20 show the free shirts given away by the AFSP.
Krista Semones '21 and her family wait for the walk to begin. "I had a friend who was very depressed and tried to kill herself multiple times, so it was a way to support her and other people like her going through that," said Semones. "The walk is important to raise awareness and show others that people are affected by suicide, and it shouldn't be overlooked."
If you are or know someone struggling with suicidal thoughts contact one of the resources.

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