NHS Electronic Portfolio KaTie POllen- class of 2019

Hello! Welcome to my Electronic Portfolio. My name is Katherine "Katie" Pollen, and I am looking to join National Honor Society. I feel it is a great opportunity to get recognized for things that I already enjoy doing, and to grow while doing them!

Below- I have attached images of my recommendation letters.

My recommendation letter #1 written by my former swim instructor and current boss of my summer job, Steve Bartelloni-Kedski.
My recommendation letter #2 written by my fall season volleyball coach, Brian Gerard.

The following portion is all about my leadership project.

This is an image of one of the many flyers Robin, Maggie, and I delivered to various homes.

Action shots!

Delivering flyers!
Collection day, January 3rd
Rain or shine! Neighbors who donated helped keep their items safe in trash bags because of the unexpected rainfall.
Filling the car quickly
The amount of donations I was able to hand off to Baypath was amazing! The car was quite cramped.
Arrival at Baypath
Gizmo, the rescue pictured, couldn't get enough of the wonderful smells
Those bags were heavy, and filled up a good portion of their front room

It was so rewarding knowing I organized this project. Knowing that animals at Baypath will enjoy fresh new blankets, towels, pillows, toys, food, and so many other items is a great feeling. The volunteers were ecstatic once they saw the full car of bags.

About a week after the donations were handed over to Baypath, I got a lovely handwritten letter in the mail from one of the women who runs the shelter.

Below I have attached all four pages of my Character Essay

I was unaware for the longest time how many of the services I did for my personal enjoyment were community service. I knew that they had a wonderful outcome, and I truly had fun with it. It's like they always say, chose something you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life. Volunteering doesn't feel like work, it's a fun activity. It gives me such a rewarding feeling and I strive for more. I didn't obtain my service record sheet early enough to get a signature from many of my supervisors from the last few months, but I did come in contact with one of them in order to get a confirmation email stating some of my hours back in April and May.

Attached below is my Service Record and my email from my spring supervisor.

My service record
My email from my spring supervisor. My supervisor also happened to be the writer of my second letter of recommendation, Brian Gerard. If you have any questions, please email him at coachbri@comcast.net

My chosen faculty advocate is Sra. Moloney. Below I have attached an image of my faculty advocate form.

Something to be added: my high honors certificate from the High Honors dinner in early December.

Thank you for coming to my Electronic Portfolio!

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