2016-2017 art so far By: Ryan ramos

This is a stippling I did earlier in the year. It's my old headphones, which used to work, but they don't anymore.
This one is a still life. It was definitely one of the more difficult ones I had to do. This probably took me the longest to draw. I still don't think it turned out well but others do, and that's what makes me happy.
This one is a cat done on a scratch board and carved/drawn by a little knife that would cut up my fingers every time I used it. The scratch board is a picture of a cat with glasses named Joe (with his keyboard).
There's the title right there, but just in case you don't know what it is still, it's about the the elements of art. This took me the shortest amount of time out of all of them.
This one was for the "negative/positive contrast project". This is my favorite drawing out of all of them, and the reason why is because of the cool two halves, one is plain with black, and the other is detailed and white. Then there's the line that divides the two, which is what makes it so perfect.
This is an early contrast drawing of my hand. Originally I thought this was going to be a failure, but in the end it was a happy accident that made this drawing look way better than it should've. I was erasing the space around the fingers, but I accidentally erased more space on my paper. So in the end it looked like an exploding hand.
So, this is my first (unsuccessful) attempt at drawing my face. It's name is "depressed smiling potato shape man".
This is my second/final attempt at drawing my face. I'm surprised on how much this actually looks like me, not an exact copy of my face, but pretty close.
This is probably the most fun I've ever had in an art project (or any project). My imagination and interests shows in this weird picture. I don't think I could even create something like that ever again.

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