Digital Artifact- Part II Eric royer

My First Interaction with Technology in School was in the Computer Lab...

The only thing cooler than a translucent iMac was blowing up your artwork on KidPix
At home this is about as advanced as technology got

We soon Progressed to more "Advanced" Technologies...

Overhead Projectors were the focal point of many a class
When we saw a TV cart...we knew we were in for an hour-long naptime
Behold...the almighty "Smartboard" aka the world's most expensive projection screen

And Then in High-School it Seemed as if all our Teachers Simultaneously Discovered the Wonders of...

Technological integration basically consisted of "How many ways can we put students in front of a computer."

Meanwhile at Home...

I got my 1st cell phone...and a texting package of 250 texts a month. We also got our first gaming system: a Wii

So Why Didn't My Teachers Better Utilize Technology Through High- School?

1. They probably didn't know how to properly utilize technology in a classroom setting. Many of them could barely operate the computer for videos and PowerPoints. 2. My school district lacked the proper funding to fully implement the best, most useful technologies in the classroom.

Then I Came to UNC, one of the most Prestigious Research Universities in the World, and a Supposed Technological Utopia...

...And Most Every Class I've had has been some form of Lecture Presented via PowerPoint.

There have been a few Lights in the Darkness, However...

I was introduced to a whole new online, university-wide academic organizational platform...Sakai (bonus points if you find the cat).

Poll Everywhere gave us a good excuse to use our phones in class

And my proficiency with programs such as Microsoft Excel, Python and ArcGIS increased substantially!

Ultimately, although my personal experience with technology in the classroom has left a lot to be desired, learning ways to purposefully integrate technology into the 21st century classroom is a key component of being a successful teacher at any grade level or subject.

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