Akshatha & Pradeep Wedding Invitation

From our carefree bear hug at Abu Dhabi airport, to our deep conversations instructing what to talk to each others' parents when we meet them for the first time, we've come a long way this last year. Now it is time to go a little further in our journey of life. It's wedding time!

We joyfully invite you to share in our celebration of love and commitment, and request the honor of your presence at our wedding

on Monday, 10th April 2017 at 12:36pm

at Pai Vista Convention Hall, Patalamma Temple Street, near South End Circle, Basavanagudi, Bangalore 560004.

And here's something we've written about each other... 😉

Akshatha, the bride

An "Emirati" Indian girl who has an eye for beauty (just look at her choice of husband) and a creative flair. From winning prizes in colouring competitions in kindergarten to designing lovely lampshades for her home to designing an island spa off the coast of Dubai, becoming a professional interior designer was a natural choice for her. Other than being sushi savage, she is also a cleanliness freak and a beach bum. Her sister tells me I'm a very lucky man to have her in my life - I agree 😄

Pradeep, the groom


/' prædiːp'/


  • An MTR mix loving Bangalore boy.
  • A slightly bruised but happy Gaelic football player.
  • An avid traveler.
  • A berry picking, muffin baking enthusiast.
  • The reason for the handful of Finland's bright sunny days.
  • My partner in the Amazing Race of life ... and hopefully the show. 😉

See you at the wedding! 😁

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