Tuesdays with Morrie the eighth tuesday

Mitch and Morrie talk about what they want to do with their money later in life. In the beginning, Morrie and Mitch talk about Ted Turner wanting to never have his tombstone say that he never owned anything. Towards the end of the chapter, Morrie talks to Mitch about how great it is to give, and that you should give a lot more in your life. Then a quote by Mahatma Ghandi is written at the end of the chapter.

Morrie says, "Money is not a substitute for tenderness, and power is not a substitute for tenderness" (Albom 125).

A symbol for this chapter would definitely have to be a bill of money because the whole chapter is about Morrie and Mitch talking about what they want to do with their money, and so it would be great if you were to have a lot of money.

Morrie teaches Mitch about how to handle all of your money, and how to use it. He also tells Mitch how to spend the money, and how to use it wisely so he does not go broke. Even though Mitch has a plentiful supply, he still listened to Morrie, and used his money wisely.


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