Good Life Nature Activity By: Grace Hingtgen

Butterfly Rainforest, FLNHM

Nature on Display:

When visiting the FLMNH, my favorite exhibit was the Butterfly Rainforest. Entering the exhibit I felt extreme peace and serenity; as soon as I walked in I was astounded by the number of butterflies. The set up was beautiful and it seemed like there was something new to look at with every turn, which is much better than the predictable design of most exhibits. One unique thing about this exhibit was how interactive it was, which made it very easy to learn in. It taught me just how delicate these animals are- I saw several butterflies almost get stepped on, only to fly away at the last second. This made me realize how susceptible they were to human actions. I was also reminded of the beauty this habitat brought to the world and how essential it can be. I attended the museum with my friend and we ended up staying for about an hour in this small exhibit and decided we wanted to return another time because we had so much fun. It’s rare to see butterflies in our everyday lives so it was a very special and fun experience.

Butterfly Rainforest, FLNHM

Nature and Ethics:

I definitely think this experience at the Butterfly Rainforest allowed me to “love, respect, and admire” the land; it made me feel like an equal to nature rather than a superior. I found myself acting like a kid in the exhibit, excited by all the beauty the butterflies brought and it reminded me of how important nature is in our lives and how necessary it is to preserve. In my opinion, nature keeps us grounded and it makes us feel our humanity, whereas sometimes other aspects of society can make us forget that. The friend who I went to the museum with felt the same as I did and as we were there we kind of watched the people around us. We noticed that for the most part everyone else around us seemed fascinated and in awe of the nature as well, which is good because it means that those people also gained a better appreciation for it. I also toured other exhibits in the museum and each one gave a very accurate representation of the habitat it represented. By doing this, it made the environmental issues seem more real and gave me more of a reason to be concerned about them. This connected me with the ethical responsibility to take care of the environment and do my part in keeping our world a beautiful, and natural place.

Butterfly Rainforest, FLNHM

Nature and the Human Spirit:

The Natural History museum helped me step out of my ordinary life because it was not only a change in scenery but also a change in perspective. The change in scenery was obvious, trading the usual concrete and brick buildings for large trees and delicate butterflies. The change in perspective however, was a little less obvious. This museum helped me realize that we as humans are actually quite small in comparison to the “mystery and majesty” of nature. Not only is nature capable of creating these aesthetically pleasing environments, but it is also capable of creating abundantly useful organisms that we as humans rely on. For example in the Native American exhibit, I observed the uses of nature in building shelters and forming tools. This helped me appreciate the majesty and mystery of nature and how we need to preserve it. This also helped me understand that I am no more important than the nature that surrounds me.

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