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EZ Waytv, Clear View Broadcasting, My Tv To Go, SimulTV and all of our distribution partners have joined forced to create a destination for content providers, TV channels and businesses who want to distribute audio and video content to a large numbers of viewers.

What makes eZWay Network TV different from all the rest?

eZWay Network TV is building up to be what we call a Netflix of networks with 10 channels to start. Not only can you watch tv but you can connect with who you watch at our eZWay Events and network in our digital support group eZWayFam Club. Between our 100's of affiliates and 400 members we have a pretty large reach which creates amazing lead generation for our viewers, sponsors and producers. Its pretty cool to watch someone on tv and know that you will get to meet them in person or digitally through the eZWay Family!

Our streaming channels and applications broadcast across several major platforms, including iOS, Android, Roku, Google TV and Smart TV’s to name a few.

Who supports the #eZWay movement


We can leverage networking technologies to make this content accessible at your desktop, smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime! The content can be for advertising, distributing your corporate message(s), providing way-finding to give directions in a facility, teaching, displaying meeting and room scheduling, and a myriad of other applications.

Our Cable and OTT Television distribution partners allow us to increase our reach and provide more value to our customers. We have a signed contract and channel on this platform. Our HLS feed airs on all of Simul TV's set top boxes and we can cross promote on their 150 + channels

EXPOSURE MAGAZINE and EXPOSURE On Demand is one of the top magazines in the east coast and Midwest. eZWay TV has a channel on Exposure On Demand reaching over 160 million people and their magazine has 87,000 + subscribers. eZWay Network represents them for the West coast and has full authority on promotion.

Influential People Magazine has over 10,000 subscribers and features some of the most prestige people on their cover.

Hollywood Weekly Magazine prints over 250,000 copies to their subscribers every month. They are national and international you can find them in most 7 11 stores. eZWay works in conjunction with them for media distribution and events.

Actors Reporter houses The IMDB Accredited Actors Entertainment Network with over 30 shows. They reach over 6 million viewers and our content hits their website and we have a show on their network

Fan TV Global reaches millions of Filipino American's internationally eZWay Network is contracted with them for distribution. Reaching 100,000 monthly

Celebritunity TV has WhatUNeed ! This youtube channel we own and operate has over 13,000,000 views and close to 8 thousand subscribers. It is known as the positive paparazzi and actually was responsible for sparking the idea of TMZ this channel has over 400 a list celebrities on it. It was also the in-house behind the scenes channel for AKON and his record Label Konvict Muzik

We make your channel available to 382 million viewers worldwide

We are determined to be the best streaming service provider. We never stop upgrading our technology and making improvements to our network. We have a staff of highly skilled programmers who develop the software and features. You just provide the content and we will manage your network for you.

eZWay Distribution is a powerhouse for celebrities, Influencers and major brands such as "Think and Grow Rich" when it comes to reaching their core audience. The efforts are spearheaded by social media's top 10 Influencer, Eric Zuley.

Gods Golden Carpet


Introducing the eZWay Wall of Fame

The eZWay Wall of Fame is a digital spotlight wall of our celebrity influencer supporters that in the eZWay Network and share on social media. This wall helps to build others credibility, followers and validation by associating them to the established people that are on the wall. This Wall is also promoted monthly by EXPOSURE MAGAZINE and INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE. It is also sent out to 12,500 and growing every month via the eZWay Network newsletter. eZWay Broadcasting, Inc's Event division has produced over 400 successful event and helped to raise over $18,000,000 so its no surprise why our first annual eZWay Awards Golden Gala was sold out in a month and a half. Our televised awards show is a extension of the eZWay Wall of Fame on our eZWayNetwork.com website.


MYTVTOGO and TV2Go is a multi-platform app that lets you watch live TV shows and movies from around the world for FREE! Truly a great app that turns your phone into a mobile TV.

The eZWayTV Mobile app will be like a Netflix of networks that will allow our subscribers to watch not just 1 but multiple channels with educational and entertaining content.

How Do You Consume Your Entertainment?

Our shows

Starting Jan. 2020 we will have over 30 shows airing on the network


Our partners has developed countless streaming channels and applications across all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Roku, Google TV, and Smart TV. Our experience in bringing broadcasters to PC, Mac, mobile, OTT and IPTV devices is un-paralleled in the industry.


eZWay TV has become a premier destination for master control operations. We can create and help you manage your own television network and make it available for broadcast and cable distribution. If you prefer, we can also create your own IPTV channel or multiple channels, both live and on-demand,

Services Provided

  • Master Control Service
  • Manage Master Control of Network, programming, and/or Content provided by network owner
  • TV2GO Available on cross promotion
  • Placement of this network on the Roku Channels owned by ClearView Broadcasting.
  • Availability for rebroadcast to cable
  • And Broadcast affiliates.
  • iPhone Stream.
  • Streaming to Apple Devices iPad.
  • Streaming to the Web Interface, including embed
  • Code for use on websites.
  • Channel Player for website – has Chromecast Icon
  • Capability to cast to TV.
  • Live Stream Management
  • Re-broadcast Network Signal on TV Affiliates, iPhone stream, streaming to Apple Devices iPad, streaming to the Web Interface, Live stream management,
  • Advertisement Traffic Control
  • Available Programming
  • Setting up ftp server to interface to playlists that the Network Owner will be in Control thereof.
  • Website Internet Broadcast of Network will be available on Dashtv.net (TVTOGO.net) Platform for cross promotion and commercials.
  • Various offerings in programming if needed, including Series, Movies, Music, Reality, Documentaries, Sports, Travel, News, and more. Some programs may come with their allotted commercials embedded into the programming, others may have commercials inserted, and some programs are solely owned by our distribution department and do not incur charges (however, we suggest all networks purchase a membership card from ASCAP; and they usually take care of cleared music royalties; otherwise broadcast stations are responsible for the ASCAP or other music royalty collections).
  • TV2GO APP inclusion and maintenance (Amazon, Google, Amazon Fire, Google TV, Kindle, Blackberry, iTunes) iPhone, Apple Devices, iPads. Already downloaded into 100+ countries, complimentary for the said network.
  • Streaming and Upkeep on Roku Channel platforms
  • Website Player for Network with Chromecast icon in Player to cast Network to TV for Chromecast users (Player type may or may not change according to efficiency of Player)
  • Connected TV-Box signal delivery and TV, Cable, and most Broadcast signal deliveries known to man at this time, as well as, maintenance, Smart TV API development, and Complimentary Inclusion.
  • eZWay Network TV manages distribution, programming, marketing and any future “Upfronts” and/or Expos and Events
  • Brand 3rd party validation and increase in followers via eZWay Network membership


Do you want to always be relevant online? Do you want to have help keeping up with your social media and increasing your followers? Do you want to constantly generate new leads for your business? Do you want to be apart of a 6 figure earning digital and physical family? Do you want to have guidance from the experts? Do you want more 3rd party validation to help you close more deals? GET INTERVIEWED, GET MORE FOLLOWERS, GET INVITES, GET PAID!

Introducing eZWay Network membership, membership is meant to grow and flow audience, create content and then contacts/lead gen prospects for your business. You get access to our events comped or discounted, You get request credits to save money on marketing. Example: I'm being interviewed and I need a audience to go to a particular link. You can use your membership points for eZWay to help with this. The most cost effective way to stay relevant and get out there! 

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