How to prevent disease By: Matthew Medlin

Here are some good ways to prevent disease

1. Eat healthy foods

2. Be physically active

3. Get some sleep

1. Eating healthy-If you can eat healthy fruits,vegetables, whole grains, or anything else in the food pyrimaid you can be able to be healthy in life. There are also some tasty snacks and drinks that are healthy, like pasta, sweet poatotoes, and Gatorade can help your factor of not getting disease faster.

2. Getting physical activity- If you are physicaly active you can be healthy and less disease. One way to be active is to either go by your local gym or swimming pool you can also play your favorite sports like baseball, football, kickball, etc. there fun ways to be in shape. Swimming at a pool in the summer is very helpful as well since you are playing in the water and getting excersise.

3. Getting sleep- Getting sleep is a good way to get some rest. If you like to take naps this should be easy. But if your the ones checking your Snapcham post every time you are one your cell phone this will be hard one good tip is that you can read that post in the morning since it will not go away. Another thing that can help you with sleep is have a set bedtime since that will help you know I have to go to bed and get of Snapcham.

Those are three helpful tips to get some sleep in the evenings and should lower your risk of disease.


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