Christmas in Denmark By: Alexis williamson

My topic is Denmark. In Denmark Christmas is celebrated on the 24th (Christmas eve). In the old days, it was common to give the animals a special treat on Christmas Eve. It was believed that all animals could talk on this special night, and nobody wanted the animals speaking ill of them. Many people attend an early Christmas in church before Christmas dinner. Traditionally the Danish Christmas tree is the Norwegian spruce. In California we celebrate Christmas on the 25th not the 24th.

This is the Norwegian spruce that Denmark uses as a Christmas tree.

People in Denmark dance around the Christmas tree, eat roast duck on Christmas eve, but roast goose or pork with crackling is also common. The duck or goose is stuffed with apples and prunes and served with boiled and sweet potatoes, red cabbage, beets and cranberry jam. The dessert consists of ‘ris à l’amande’ (rice pudding with whipped cream, vanilla and almonds) with hot cherry sauce or ‘risengrød’ (hot rice pudding). A peeled almond is hidden in the dessert bowl and the lucky finder of the almond gets a present, the Christmas tree is decorated with a silver or gold star on the top never an angel.

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