Library Bag Law By Arjun Mungekar

It could look like this...
Or it could look like that!

One thing's for sure, library bags are great! Unfortunately, Melville Senior High School isn't so strict with a no-bag-no-book policy so most of the library books we borrow are either carried by hand or in the school bag itself. This policy was adapted at my old school so it might just be me that thinks without library bags, transporting a book, or several other books for that matter, seems a bit harder. Therefore, I strongly support the concept of having library bags at our school, for use from Years Seven to Twelve. The books will be more safer and less open to damage, it makes less weight to carry and it can carry a lot of books.

Would you carry these books with your hands?


Have you ever accidentally ripped a part of a book you didn't own? I have - it was a class dictionary and it was really old so it had to have happened at some point in time. Anyway, you don't own the library books you borrow, the library owns those books; you simply have to borrow them. Because you don't own those books, if the books you borrow are soaked, torn, bent or drawn on, you have to fix that up. But if you put it in a library bag, those mishaps won't occur. Some library bags are water-resistant so you can use those to protect your books:

They are water-proof!

... and a lot of books can fit into bags so consider this option wisely. You will regret making the wrong move. Also, putting a library bag in a school bag will have no effect on the books as the bags protect your books.

It reduces the weight you have to carry

How many times has your back strained just to adjust to the weight in your schoolbag? If I had to guess, many times. When the holidays happen, how would you happily accept that your whole back hurts, because you wouldn't. If you can't carry it all on your back, use your library bag to transport your books. In January of 2016, an Australian physiotherapist explained that heavy schoolbags can lead to back and neck pain. So why not divide the stress on your shoulders, literally. Grab some of your exercise books and put them in the library bag and all the non-book items will be stored in your school bag. Furthermore, the library bag can be an actual luggage bag or a handbag to carry it easily.

So far, we have summed up that library bags are completely necessary!


Library bags can support about ten books on average inside of it, so you can borrow a lot of books and you wouldn't have to worry about holding them in your hands. It's a more convenient way of transporting your leisure time books and it's more durable. Plus, a library bag has more space than your school bag so more stuff can be carried in a library bag.

To recap what I just said, I believe library bags should be put into place in MSHS because it protects your books, makes less weight and can carry lots of books. If it were up to me, I'd implement this as a school rule, immediately. But as it is not, I hope this message gets spread to the school council to start this from happening. So now it's up to you. Do you think we should we should use library bags? Do you want your library book/s to get wrecked? Do you want to carry twenty kilograms of weight in your bag? If not, well then, you will need a library bag.


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