Skåne, Sweden Tori Harrison

Skåne, Sweden is located in the bottom part of Sweden. The country is known for its beautiful scenery and nature.
It is best to take a flight in the early afternoon around 2:00pm. You'll arrive in Malmö airport around 2:00pm. There is a time difference and the flights only take around 16 hours in total. There are around three stops. Columbus to Chicago, then to Stockholm Sweden, then down to Malmö.
A great hotel to stay at is Hotel Mäster Johan. They have free wifi, room service, laundry, and serve breakfast. It is $97 for one night and on google, it is a 4 star hotel. It is around the city with shops and restaurants nearby. It is also near the train station.
A great place to visit during your trip is Malmö Castle. It was originally a fortress from the 16th century but was made into a museum. This Castle is only about twelve minutes, if you go by foot, away from Hotel Master Johan.
Here are some pictures from inside the castle. The entrance fee to this castle is 40kr or $4.50
Another great place to go check out is the Turning Torso, created by Santiago Calatrava. It is an apartment and office building. The skyscraper is just a cool place to check out and see just because of the way it is built. It is about seven to eight minutes away by car and twenty seven minute walk.
Surf Shack Malmö, in Malmö, Sweden is a great place to eat. They serve mostly burgers and fries, but the variety of different types of burgers is grand. They offer more than just burgers, like chicken, ribs, and salads, and there is a kids menu. The prices there are inexpensive, they range anywhere from 27kr-170kr($3.04-$19.15). This restaurant is only one minute from Hotel Master Johan which is convenient so you do not have to walk very far. The restaurant has received good ratings by over 300 people, saying how they have the best burgers and fries. Mondays to Thursdays it is open from 11am to 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays it is open 11am to 10pm, and Sundays are from 12-8pm.
When your trip is over, you'all haven to book a flight home. A one way ticket back to ACLU,bus, Ohio is around $800-$900, but you will have to make a few stops. The plane will fly from Stockholm, Sweden, to Lisbon, Portugal, and Newark, New York. Then that plane will fly to Ohio.


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