Land By: EleonOr, Jalene, and emily


Consumerism is protection or promotion of the interest of consumers and is the preoccupation of society with the acquisition of consumer goods.

How can we help our environment get healthy?

  1. Use less electricity. Using less electricity will help us by reducing pollution that is made by a power company.
  2. You can plant trees and plants. Planting trees and plants will help us have more oxygen to breathe and also help us with global warming.
  3. You can recycle. Recycle will help us by there being less trash on land and it also help us with pollution.

Why do we have to make our environment healthy?

We have to keep our environment healthy because we won't have the things that we need in our future. We won't have clean air, the farmers won't have what they need to grow crops and we won't have any food, and our land will be covered with trash.


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