Italy,Europe By:jaiDyn biggs

What happened: Italy is a country in Europe that had Monarchy as their form of government from 1861 to 1946.King Victor Emmanuel III tried to save the monarch by nominating his son and heir Umberto "general lieutenant of the kingdom". Victor's son became the king. A Constitutional Referendum was held on 2 June 1946 and the republicans won and the monarch was gone. To this day, Italy's government is Republic.

Government: Before

Republic: A form of government where people elect their leaders.

Government: After

Monarchy: A form of government where a king, queen, emperor, etc. is at head.
population map
City Map

Based on these 2 maps I can make 3 conclusions

•Milan is a popular place because it is farther from the mountains.

•Most people that live in Italy don't live by the mountains or on the mountain range because of how hard it is to live on/by a mountain.

•Naples is popular because it is closer to other islands. People could go back and forth to trade and for other resources.

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