Good Life: The Harn Museum! BY ANAEL MAMANE

1) Medium of The Art

One of the most intriguing art forms that I saw at the museum as far as material goes was this demonstration of the Chinese Style Fancy Dress costume. The body covering consists of cotton, nylon, and zipper. Created by Francis Kodow Coker, this piece represents the Ghanaian adopted dress from Brazilian immigrants they encountered in Saltpond. How meticulous it is fascinates me- the creator must have put a massive amount of time and effort into this piece.

2. Favorite Exhibit

My favorite exhibit was The Arts of Korea. The entire area was enriched with culture and a calming aura. The exhibit presents ceramics, furniture, paintings, prints, and sculpture from the Harn's Korean collections and features donations from General James Van Fleet. The 2nd photo consists of writing from famous Neo-Confucianist scholars The third, from the Joseon Dynasty, is a wooden stupa. The last photo is a series of cases made also by the Joseon Dynasty.

3. Core Value

One core value in my life is family. This sculpture is one of a family, titled "Family" of a father, wife, and child. Family will always be with you, regardless of your journey.

The Good Life

This portrait, by Isabel Bishop, represents an independent woman in times when they had to struggle in a male-dominant era. This painting was attempting to establish oppression among women in this period- and how difficult they had to work in order to live as opposed to men. This painting was attempting to enlighten on an issue that was massive during this era.

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