Bloody Sunday Drake ealey and robert neal

Bloody Sunday occurred on March 7, 1965. About 600 people attempted to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge, being stopped by state troopers violently attacking peaceful protesters.

John Lewis being beat by state troopers

Demonstrators were not only stopped, but beat viciously by those whos jobs were to protect citizens.

A demonstration of the brutal tactics used by state troopers

Bloody Sunday put a stop to the first attempt at marching from Selma to Montgomery.

Martin Luther King Jr

After word of the attack, Dr King and SCLC made it a priority to make instances like this known.

A second attempt at the march took place, this time with Dr King and SCLC being involved.

Selma to Montgomery March

Again, the peaceful protestors were met with brutal discrimination.

5 days later King, the SCLC, and civil rights demonstrators arrived at the state capitol of Montgomery, Alabama.

Viola Liuzzo

After the demonstration, Viola Liuzzo, a demonstrator in the Selma to Montgomery March, was shot numerous times by the KKK and left for dead.

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