Lucca, Italy 2016

We found another Medieval jewel in Tuscany. The narrow, pedestrian only town is surrounded by a vast wall fortification you can actually bike on top of. The total round trip is about five miles.

The road leading to our small apartment. The stream was full of fish. In the evening, the old people would come out with their zimmer frames, sit on the low walls and talk together.

One of the main gates leading to the pedestrian only, narrow streets.

A typical, dreamy narrow street

Bicycling on top of the medieval wall fortification encircling the town.

Teo's dream come true

Isaak on top of the ancient clock tower. The stairs leading up to the top are narrow, wooden and rickety. Not for the feint of heart! The Delle Ore Tower was built in 1390, and legend has it that a young woman sold her soul to the devil, but was captured by the devil trying to stop the time of the clock.

View from the clock tower

Guingi tower is so amazing with oak trees growing on the top. The ancient trees are Holm Oaks symbolising rebirth and renewal. The tower dates from the 1300s when a number of wealthy families were building bell towers within the walls of Lucca as status symbols. The kitchen was originally on the floor below with the rooftop serving as a kitchen garden.

Street view

Piazza dell' Anfiteatro was originally built as the centre of entertainment outside the Roman town. Today it is the centre of town life and the very symbol of Lucca. It is a unique elliptical-shaped plaza, closed in an embrace of medieval houses


Isaak is ready...

We also enjoyed the amazing sculptures and stonework.

A few things that caught my eye

Much to our surprise, an international music festival was beginning on our first night in Lucca. The headliners the night we arrived were Tom Jones and Van Morrison! On other nights we saw Lionel Ritchie, Earth Wind & Fire, and Beth Hart. The outdoor venue was in a town square.

Very excited after buying our tickets

We ate well too

Desserts and wine

We loved the apartment we stayed in. Total VRBO score just outside the city wall, and within walking distance to everything

An outside and interior shots.
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