Keep Being Creative! Activities for students and parents who are stuck at home due to COVID-19

The aim of this Adobe Spark Page is to provide activities and inspiration for students to keep enhancing their digital literacy and creativity skills while being isolated at home during the climate of COVID-19.


Many students are now back at school or starting to get back to face to face school engagements. We have been so impressed with the way parents, teachers and students have managed during the COVID-19 isolation period.

The following set of drawing activities are from the Draw Along with Kyle T. Webster series found on the Adobe Distance Learning Resources. Note that even though Kyle is drawing with Photoshop, you can follow along with just a pencil and paper.

This will be final entry for the Keep Being Creative site for a while. For more activities, keep checking the Young Learners and the K-12 section of the Adobe Distance Learning Resources.

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Hand washing activity

One of the best ways to keep yourself and others healthy is to keep you hands clean.

Click here to access a site that contains some dialogue and images that you can use to create a hand hygiene message with either Spark Post, Spark Video, Spark Page or a mixture of all three.

This image was made with Adobe Freso - free on iOS & Windows. Have a go at creating your own version.
  • Click here for help with Spark Post
  • Click here for help with Spark Video
  • Click here for help with Spark Page


Home schooling - cool/not cool

As many school students are gradually heading back to face to face classes following COVID-19 restrictions, this is an ideal time to reflect on what has been cool & not cool about home schooling. Click the link below for a Spark flyer reflection activity on home schooling.


Spoil a family member

Have a think about something nice you can do for a member of your family then turn your good deed into a short video with Spark video.


  • Give your Mum a makeover.
  • Do the dishes, three days in a row.
  • Wash all the cars in your family.
  • Make all the beds.
  • Prepare the evening meal for your family.
  • Take the dog for a walk each day for a week.
  • Write a note for your parents to tell them how much you appreciate them.

Here is an example of what a boy called Hugh did for his Mum on Mother's Day

See what you can do then share your video with friends and family.


Maker Paper Activity


Mother's Day Spark Activity


TIME for Kids Activity

Draw along with Drew and Rosie during this Time for Kids activity in collaboration with Adobe.


Adobe’s ‘Khan + Create’ Activity

Adobe and the Khan Academy have teamed up to create a series of activities called the Khan + Create Activities

This one is titled:

It is focused on the big question: - How can you tell your story in compelling ways using video?

Click here to access this activity

Get help with Adobe Spark from the EduTips below


Old Joe - Drawing Activity

Click the Old Joe link below to listen to the song about Old Joe and his terrible diet.

  • Use pencils, pens, paint, crayons or Adobe Fresco to draw a picture of what you think Old Joe would look like. Make sure the drawing includes elements featured in the song.
  • Take a picture or export your drawing and insert it into an Adobe Spark project

If you would like to share your project, click here and complete the submission form

Extra advanced Old Joe projects for those who are game:

  • Create a new verse for the song
  • Right-click the above Old Joe link and save it to your hard drive then use it as the music background for an Adobe Spark video project

See more information about Adobe Spark below.


Adobe Distance Learning Resources on the Adobe Education Exchange

Have a look at all the amazing activities and resources that are available for students, parents & teachers.


Check this creative drawing site from Adobe.


Mindfulness site

Have a look at this great site titled Mindfulness in the Time of COVID-19 by Adobe Education Leader Juliette Bentley


EduTips on Adobe Spark

Scroll down to see some CreateEdu TV stories about students doing some really creative activities with the help of Adobe.


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Other CreateEdu TV videos of students being creative with the help of Adobe

Note that all students who can be identified in these video have had a release form signed by a parent or guardian.

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