what would beyoncée do? putting a (fictional) human face to admissions marketing research

our challenge:

How do we create marketing pieces that acknowledge a long-term relationship with prospects?

how one ad agency does empathy

"For a recent client, we identified a group of 22 million potential customers, but we brought them to life through an actual person named Rachael... In every presentation, everyone was focused on how our ideas would resonate with Rachael."

- Walt Barron, Chief Strategy Officer, McKinney

Let's try it out:
Let's imagine...

She starts by looking up college rankings and ratings in Florida

She's really impressed with what she sees from University of Florida and Florida State University
She never thought she'd go out of state but since taking her SATs, she's getting email and direct mail from Georgia Tech University. Their engineering rankings catch her eye.
A late addition to her list: Emory University. Her counselor encourages her to pick a "Reach" school and Emory seems close enough to home.

She's starting to feel very good about her final list.

Now it's time to start organizing application pieces.
She considers applying to U of Central Florida as a "Safety" school" but keeps putting off her application essay until she eventually never gets around to it.

she gets accepted to all but emory

Now that decision time is becoming more real, she wants answers "straight from the source" (i.e. people oriented sources: social media, friends, counselors)
She chooses Georgia Tech! What does she hear that makes her so confident in her decision?

so what does this mean for us?

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