Good Life Nature Activity By Jake Gordon

This exhibit captured my attention because I had to walk into a cave. This exhibit also captured my attention because while I was walking through the cave, I noticed the strange rock formations. I learned how cave creatures eat with very limited food options. Without this medium, I would not understand where the animals live in caves like these. I liked how the cave was dark and very realistic, I even felt a slight breeze like the one you would experience in a real cave.
The museum allowed me to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends because there were very protective and respectful towards the animals. For example, they have a two door entry system to maintain a proper environment for the animals. As I went through the Butterfly Rainforest, I felt rejoiced. I loved seeing all of the butterflies and birds interact with each other. Other people were also very respectful toward the animals and plants; one guy even let a butterfly land on his leg. I believe my experience in the museum instilled an ethical responsibility to nature in me because the workers at the museum and the visitors were very respectful towards the exhibit and I believe it is the way Leopold would want it.
The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our everyday lives by allowing us to learn and experience something different. It helps us better understand the world that we live in because it not only shows us a real wildlife habitat, but it also has other exits that teach us abut the natural world. Above is a butterfly pollinating a flower the museum gave me the opportunity to see something like this from a first-hand perspective.
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