Value Based Goal Setting Using Personal Values to Set Short- and Long-Term Goals

This process was interesting to me because I realized there was a difference between answers that were completely accurate to myself and my life, and those that I wanted to be accurate in my life or that I wanted people to see me as. I also thought it was interesting to think about myself in some aspects that I had not before. This task got harder as it was time for me to further narrow down my categories, but the final 10 ended up being slightly easier. I am happy with the 10 I chose and I believe they give a full and accurate picture of me as a whole and how I generally live my life. Top 5 was difficult and made me feel somewhat guilty for choosing values which reflect my personal needs over my actions towards other, but at the end of the day all I have is me. The final five I ended up with were humor, dependability, non-conformity, creativity, and friendship. Although there are circumstances in my life where I may not live up to these expectations for myself, I believe that striving to stick to the is what will make me the most genuine version of myself. The aspect of the highest value to me was friendship, because this is something I think about and appreciate every day. Nothing in my life would be complete or meaningful to me without my very close friends. The times in my life when I have been most disappointed in myself where when I did not act like a good friend. I can use awareness of these values to achieve my goals by periodically reminding myself what is important. If I do this, I can keep sight of my goals and make sure I don't lose myself and what I need to get done while pursuing unimportant things. My ultimate goals right now are to get my degree and commission, which mostly fall under dependability. To achieve these goals I need to be able to depend on myself to persist and get everything done. Creativity also falls in here, as engineering and standing out as a leader both require outside-the-box thinking and insightful ideas. To be very successful in both of these areas it is important for me. My everyday goals of being a dependable friend, staying true to myself as a person, and always finding time to get in touch with my creative side are basically the value cards verbatim.

My current plan of action for my goals is to continue working hard, both in Air Force ROTC and in my regular studies, to complete as many credits as I reasonably can over the summer, and to continue to make an effort to be a good friend. Studying is very important to me, as is practicing my leadership skills and becoming more confident, however being a good friend and making sure I reach out as often as I can to mine, even if that is every other day or so, is top priority to me right now. This partially because I know there will be a time in the not so distant future where I need a shoulder to cry on, but mostly because I understand what it is like to have a hard time and to need some words of encouragement, or maybe even a loving "get yourself together" slap, and I want to be the one who is always there to give either to the people that I care about. Also graduate and commission though, those are very important because I would like to have a job.


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