University of Tennessee Breaks a World Record by Richelle Kessell

In order to be a part of the World Record, attendants had to arrive at 5:30 A.M.
Even showing up on time, those that did were the last of the attendants to get through the gates.
Leigh Martin had the bright idea to bring a blanket to deal with the early morning chill.
Sleepy students expressed themselves through a series of contagious yawns.
Attendants were treated to a selection on donuts provided by the University.
After receiving an orange t-shirt, attendees were welcomed into an orange sea of students, complete with foam fingers and Al Roker heads.
Al Roker took to the 30 yard line to introduce the dedicated citizens of Big Orange Country.
Roker head selfies were necessary with all the hype.
Using her time wisely, Melanie Thorne studied for a speech pathology test after only sleeping 4 hours.
Provided entertainment included watching this group groove on the field.
UT had a DJ to provide musical entertainment as well as announce the winners of some selected prizes.
Before the broadcast, attendants began to form the outline of the Human Power T.
The band and cheerleaders formed another Power T as the UT flag and Tennessee flag were ran through the two lines.
Soon after the Power T began to fill in.
Once the sun came out, attendants lined up for their position in the World Record.
The novelty of walking on UT's field wasn't lost on the attendants.
Foam fingers and pompoms raised into the air as Al Roker began his broadcast.
The 4,200 attendees were told to hold still for 5 minutes while "Don't Stop Believing" played to break the record, but there was definitely some singing going on in the crowd.
Everyone gathered around to get a picture of Al Roker, everyone's favorite weather man.
Smokey Jr. was in attendance to hang out with attendees.
This lucky girl posed for a picture with Smokey Jr. on the famous checkerboard.
The cheer-leading team gathered together for this photo op with the World Record.
Attendees lingered after the event, getting a feel for the turf.
Some smart students even came in their caps and gowns in order to get some impressive graduation pictures.
Who could skip getting selfies on the 50 yard line?
Despite the early hours, the University of Tennessee was able to break the world record for largest human letter because of Big Orange Country's Volunteer spirit.

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