Jimmy Butler Jimmy Buckets

Morona Ali

Early Childhood troubles

Jimmy Butler is an NBA All-Star but that doesn't mean that things were always easy for him, let's take a look back at Jimmy's life. Jimmy Butler was born September 14, 1989, in Houston, Texas. Jimmy grew up in Houston, with no father and no siblings. As a kid Jimmy faced a big problem, and that problem was homelessness. At the age of thirteen his mother kicked him out of the house. "Her last words to him were, “I don’t like the look of you. You gotta go.” Jimmy didn't choose to get kicked out or leave the house his mother did.

High School Career

As a homeless kid in high school, Jimmy moved from house to house until his senior year. Jimmy played basketball where he faced more adversity. His principal and coach didn't believe in him. Let's look at the problems he is facing at this stage. He is homeless and his coach and principal didn't believe in him. If somebody were to have a reason to give up on life, he was on the top of that list. He finally found a place where he could call home. He moved in with the Leslie family who had already had seven of their own.

College Career

After receiving no scholarships for college basketball which would be another major setback. Jimmy attended a junior college where he surprised a lot of people, then he went on to Marquette. He dreams of becoming a(n) NBA player was one step closer

NBA draft

Jimmy Butler played great at Marquette, which built his draft stock and got him closer to a basketball players ultimate dream. In the draft with the 30th pick in the draft the Chicago Bulls selected Jimmy Butler. That was the end of a hard and painful road, and the beginning of a new road of success.


Jimmy overcame homelessness, and doubt from his own coach and principal. Jimmy overcame all this adversity to know become a three time NBA All-Star and Most improved player award. Jimmy used doubt as motivation and his family as his onlay support. He went from no scholarships to an All-Star. He sacrificed countless of hours in the gym and working out. He used all the negativity in his life and turned it into positivity. He proved that anyone from anywhere, no matter the circumstances can make it if they put their mind to it.

Dreams and Aspirations

This pushes me to do my best in the classroom, on the court, and in life. One thing in my life that is very hard for me is was and still is Physical Science. Since the first quarter I have steadily been improving. I have most of my time working and studying for that class. This story makes me believe that I can one day play basketball for Michigan state, all I have to do is want it and work for it.

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