One of the most exciting teams to watch in the NBA is the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors were founded in 1995 in the 90s an era dominated by Micheal Jordan and his Chicago Bulls. The first superstar drafted by the Raptors was guard Vince Carter who won rookie of the year in the 1998- 1999 season . He will later on his career lead the Raptors to the eastern conference semifinals but lost to hall of famer Allen Iverson in game seven (87-88). He was then traded to the New Jersey Nets and played with Jason Kidd. The Raptors never made it past the first or second round of the playoffs even after drafting superstar power forward Chris Bosh who will later leave the Raptors in 2010 to play with Lebron James and Dwyane Wade in Miami. The year 2016 was when the Raptors had the most success. They were lead by stars Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry and broke the franchise record in wins. and made it to the eastern conference finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers but lost in 6 (4-2).(Francis). The Raptors are a young franchise, and they have a bright future.

Canada is the country that created the game of basketball .The Raptors should be valued by all canadians because they represent canada and inspire younger players like myself to play the game. The Raptors are important to me because they were the first team I watched playing basketball. And I had great memories with my friends and family watching their games. We should celebrate the greatness this team has given to the country of Canada.

Tim Hortons opened in 1964 and the founder was Tim Horton a national hockey legend who played for the Maple Leafs.(Commito and Snyder). In 1974 Tim Horton tragically passed away and his full partner Ron Joyce opens a Tim Hortons Children's Foundation because Tim Horton loved children. In the year 1976 Tim Horton's introduced canadiens to the Timbit a fan favorite. in the year 1986 Tim Hortons started the roll up the rim promotion so customers could win prizes like a menu item. in 2000 the 2000 th restaurant opened here in downtown Toronto at richmond and sherbourne streets. in 2014 Burger King, 3G Capital, and Tim Hortons form the third largest restaurant brand in the world.(Tims Timeline).

Tim Hortons should be celebrated or valued by canadians because Tim Hortons is a Canadian restaurant that has been for business in canada for over 52 years. Tim Hortons is important to me because whenever it's a cold day there's nothing better than drinking a warm coffee with your friends and family and that's it's important to me.

diversity has an important role in Canada's history. In 1982 prime minister Trudeau made a charter of rights and freedom which had protected multiculturalism here in Canada. Canada has the highest percentage of foreign born citizens than any other G8 country. About 20% of Canada's population are immigrants. And 80% of the population speak a language other than french, english, aboriginal language. Diversity here in Canada is expected to increase significantly in the next two decades.(Evans).

Diversity in Canada is important and Canadians should value and celebrate it. It is great for us to learn about different cultures so we have a better understanding of one another. Diversity is Important for me because my parents are immigrants and if this country is not diverse and not allowing immigrants to come i wouldn't be here in Canada.


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