Andy Potts Racing Camp Day 2 in Review

The day started out with the athletes thinking that we were joking that they had to get back on their stretch cords...

It wasn't a joke but they just didn't get it... until they did. Stretch cords for form, muscle activation and warm up is critical to a great swim. We did about 20 minutes of dry land work.

Then Coach Andy said it was time to get to work- Lots of technique work and a solid main set-

The main set was: 3 x 400; r=:10-:15 / 3 x 300; r=:10 / 3 x 200; r=:10

Two ships passing in the night...

or two dragsters racing along?

High elbows, finger tips down, relaxed hands... repeated over and over again in the swimmers heads.

We said, get those finger tips down and engage your catch...

All aboard, up next the Potts train left the station for a scenic ride through Gates Pass and Saguaro National Park

Everyone took turns as there was a 65, 45 and 25 mile route for the day. The main set for the group was: 5 x 7 minutes at 20-40 watts or 15-25 beats below threshold with 1 minute cruise in between.

While it seemed like a good idea to take off the front and go at it alone amongst the beautiful Saguaro cactus....

No man is an island with AP Racing and we rode home together....

Because it was so nice out and everyone's legs were feeling so good after that ride; we set out for a 30-45 minute run that built effort throughout.

And a few brave souls decided to run...for ice cream

And to top off the day, we ended the night at the infamous TriSports where owner and dear friend, Seton, gave the entire group a tour and a really useful presentation on gear choices.

Of course, he only had the best things to say about our sponsors for AP Racing(hint, hint- best products and best deals in town if you are on AP Racing)

And Andy presented Pam Kallio with his 2017 Kona kit as we could not have put on our camp this year without her and the help from TriSports. It was a monster effort and we are so thankful for her!

It was a great 2nd day and we are just getting started!

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