Lewis and Clark Expedition By Alexandra Scott

Key Players

1.) Meriwether Lewis: Thomas Jefferson's private secretary who explored the Louisiana Territory

2.) William Clark: An American Soldier who is a friend of Meriwether Lewis

3.) Sacagawea: A Native American Interpreter that accompanied Lewis and Clark on the expedition

4.) President Thomas Jefferson: Third US President who ordered Meriwether Lewis to embark on this expedition

5.) York: Meriwether Lewis's slave who came along and helped out on the expedition. He introduced the Native Americans to the black man, because they had never seen one before him.


1.) Mapped a route from the United States to the Pacific Ocean

2.) Brought back information about the west and the plant and animal species that lived there.

3.) They established good relations with the Indians from the West


1.) The strong current of the Mississippi river caused rowing the boats for the expedition upstream to be more difficult.

2.) They had to drag the boats by land past rapids and waterfalls.

3.) Specifically in the Rocky Mountains, the food was very scarce. This lead to the starvation of the explorers as they traveled through the steep terrain.

Species Discovered

1.) Coyote

2.) Grizzly Bear

3.)Blue Elderberry

Route Taken

First, they departed from St. Louis and went up the Mississippi river. Then, they stayed in Native American Territories. After that, they continued up the Mississippi river until they reached the Rocky Mountains. Next, they went through the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Finally, they returned to St. Louis they way that they had traveled to the Pacific Ocean.


1.) Keelboat: A flat freight boat used on rivers. It is normally very large. The one used in this expedition was 55 feet long.

2.) 2 Pirogues: A narrow, long canoe that is made from a single tree trunk

3.) Cloth: This was used for tents and sheets. They brought along 150 yards of cloth.


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Created By
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