Viral pop culture videos of 2016 By: Ayanna symone´

JuJu On That Beat: A dance craze has suddenly taken over the teenage internet, and you have Zay Hilfiger to thank for it. The 15 year old boy says “Everybody started doing it,” Hilfiger said. ” Everyone from babies, teens to adults started doing the dance and it took off and went viral in such a short matter of time. Juju on That Beat. Youtube. N.p., n.d. Web.

The mannequin challenge's roots have been traced back to Twitter user @thvtmelanin_, a high school student named Emili from Jacksonville, Florida. "One day I just went to the front of the class and stood there," Emili told Inverse via Twitter DM. "That's when my friend A'laynah said, 'Hey, you look like a mannequin.' The song ¨Black Beatles¨ by Rae Sremmurd has been off the chart recently and is still expanding due to famous people and everyday people using the song as a soundtrack for the mannequin challenge. Mannequin Challenge. 2016. Youtube.

The anti-heroes of DC Films' Suicide Squad might dress like a Hot Topic exploded into a biker bar, but their comic book history traces back all the way to 1959, The film made a whopping estimated box office take of $135.1 million this weekend. Website Title: Wikipedia Article Title: Suicide Squad (film) Publisher: Wikimedia Foundation

The song ¨Black Beatles¨ mainly went viral because od being paired with a challenge called the ¨Mannequin Challenge. A lot people says that the song created by Rae Sremmurd fits perfectly to use as the soundtrack for the challenge and for then on the song ¨Black Beatles¨ took off and went viral. Website Title: YouTube Article Title: Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles ft. Gucci Mane Publisher: YouTube

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