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I'm a procrastinator at its finest and the worst at it. I'm lazy at school work and absolutely wish I wasn't because then I get stressed out then I spend more time at the gym and my blood pressure goes up. Then after I get done with the gym I come home and spend hours on end throughout the night working on papers that are due the very next day, but then gets so angry at my self for putting it off to last minute and start having negative thoughts and start messing up on my paper or whatever I'm working on that I feel like its just crap anyways so I just delete it and say I cant do this any more. Its now 1:00am on Wednesday morning and this is due at 11:00am Wednesday morning and since I have done absolutely nothing because I'm a damn idiot and cant get my head outta my ass imma just leave it like this so Mrs. Bevill can use this a DO NOT DO example and maybe by next fall I can get my life together and actually pass this class because there is no way at all I'm even close to passing this class especially after this. so for whoever is reading this or is getting shown this DO NOT be a procrastinator! just get your assignments done and turned in on time because it is not worth having to retake this class or any other class for that matter. trust me it is a lot easier to actually do the work rather then saying ''oh ill do it later" "I got time" etc... but I can honestly say Mrs. Bevill is an awesome teacher and will help in any way she can but of course I'm hard headed and never want anyone to know that I'm struggling so I never once asked for any thing just sat in class wondering what is she talking about crap I don't understand uhhh how do I do that. Yup I've thought it all and done it all and it's just a waste of time and money and will not help at all.

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