Charity Diary Cover Design 2017

Planning& Research


World Vision International is an christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization. worldwide community development organisation that provides short-term and long-term assistance to 100 million people worldwide World Vision is a worldwide community development organisation that provides They Changing children's lives as also helping the Poor with a total revenue including grants, product and foreign donations.


diary cover design the target audience will be ages 18~50 young occupations and students. this also include the christian that will interesting with contribution ,next students younger than eighteen and adults older may not have the interest to help. the final diary cover design will involve various of people. Poor children need help, the issues is important and make the better community,.


Firstly the purpose for my diary cover design is to grab people's attention with the aesthetic design next is to guide people understanding why people need help also getting interest with the organization World Vision.


As the cover is aim at young occupation and student thus the main will be display in church as church is a good place for contribution next it will be display in education places such as university and the sporting centre as these places are young student mostly to go, for business such as commercial building and government offices other place can be church, train station or shops.


The constraints for cover as artworks must be 210 mm x 296 mm (landscape) plus 3 mm bleed with crop marks and divided front and back cover 210mm x 148mm (portrait) , 5mm for the binding, CMYK only, 300dpi, and a file smaller than 8 Mb. No offensive or racist language or imagery will shown and the cover must shows the charity's logo also the text "2017 Diary".




The client is World vision, World vision is to help poor children better life as go to school and food the product such as diary, food, cloth , tea , make up tool that can donate to charity.


My target audience is young occupations and students. also the christian people that will love to contribute to make a better world.


there is not a lot of competitor for charity diary cover designs. The most of diaries have simple and boring design, the diaries mostly aim at students with young design.



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Journal Entry 2

mood board

In designing there are several elements affect me as cross pattern, I successfully use the idea in the final design it create an simple also, the pattern of icon really standout in the diary, I can put the related icons to the diary cover design, next the the curved typeface looks really good in the diary with the shadow also the simplistic of colors that I can apply the symbolic orange of World Vision charity to diary which is meaningful

Design elements

For elements I will considered shape, colour, tone and type, for design principles it will based on unity, emphasis, balance and alignment to achieve decent diary


media, materials and methods

I have tested using Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator it will be good to combine together as the different focus.

design elements and principles

I have applied lots of elements, for curved, straight, horizontal, vertical or diagonal, theses enable my diary cover be directional or more quality next for shape can be curvilinear or rectilinear to create a positive effect next for colours I will try to use some simple strong colours to grab people's attention as to let people care about the charity origination. For principles, emphasis will be important, I'll emphasis the logo of World Vision to grab people's attention next for alignment, it allows us to bring the connection together, I'll arrange the connection design to join the elements together

Effective design solution

The design solution will based on objectives, goals and target audience and it will considered the elements and principles to achieve design brief

Design brief

The solution will meet the design brief as the purpose, it will considered as a charity and the context will be display where the students and young adult places, the constraint as the purpose of design brief the size.


to refine as the colors need to be stand out and simple but also avoid the culture associations, the text can be more smoothly and interesting as smooth the message will be strong display on cover as a christian church with help the African children also with quote.

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